Worst skateboarders

Worst skateboarders

We often talk about good skaters and their achievements, but we will discuss the other side in this article. We will talk about the worst skateboarders of all time.

People who skateboard are often praised for having a friendly society. Skaters, on the other hand, can be extremely judgmental of skateboard brands, tricks, and even other skateboarders.

Skaters have an instinct to critique skateboard manufacturers, stunts, and other skaters.

Although it often comes from a good place. Skaters need help with maintaining the original freedom and spirit of skating. It may lead to those skaters who disobeyed the standard receiving somewhat rude remarks or pure hate. 

Why did someone become the worst skater?

Why did someone become the worst skater?
source: quora

Seeing How They Compare to Others

Always seeing how you compare to others, especially better riders, can make you lose motivation. People should not compare themselves to others but instead focus on their growth.

Rubbish Conversations or Bullying

Making rude comments, insults, or being mean to other skaters or people who aren’t in the skating community can make the environment unfriendly. A healthy riding community is one where people accept and help each other. 

Too Much Noise or Disturbance

Making too much noise, yelling, or playing loud music in public can bother other people and cause them to complain. Skaters should think about how their actions might affect the people around them.

Avoiding to Allow Others to Use Spaces

Skaters sometimes have to share room with people doing other fun things. Refusing to work together or share space with other users can make things tense and hostile.

Land Lack of regard

Skaters should be careful about where they skate and not damage private or public property. Vandalising buildings or other property is an example of harmful behaviour that can make the whole skating community look bad.

Not Following the Rules

Skating in places where it is clearly forbidden, like private property or areas marked as “non-skating zones,” can make property owners, security staff, and even other skaters who follow the rules angry. 

Worst skateboarders ever

Let’s look at some of the most disliked and hated skaters throughout the history of skateboarding to figure out what made them unwanted members of the community.

1. Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler
source: sandlot times

In the early 2000s, Ryan Sheckler was one of the most famous skateboarders in the US. His nickname was the “Justin Bieber of skateboarding” due to his good looks and financial success. But at the beginning of his career, he did not experience much criticism other than the jealousy of many riders. 

However, he began facing widespread ridicule after agreeing to a $1 million contract with MTV for their reality series, “The Life of Ryan.” Sheckler was presented in the program as a reckless, pampered kid. a reputation that has accompanied him throughout most of his professional life. 

In an interview with Thrasher Magazine, Ryan confessed to Jake Phelps that he backflipped El Toro 20. Although this revived the excitement about Sheckler, it proved to be a lie When he released the video years later. 

2. Dollin, Dustin

Dollin, Dustin
source: the boardr

One of the last skateboarding pissdrunks still standing is Dustin Dollin. Due to his strong friendship with the Baker guys, Dustin had the reputation of being a perpetual alcoholic. 

Although Neen Williams and Andrew Reynolds, two of his early drinking buddies, quit drinking and began living sober lives. But sadly, Dustin did not give up drinking and caused problems. 

Dollin is still quite active in skateboarding after rumors that he drugged another rider during a competition in France. However, you can see him smoking and drinking more than skating.

3. Nyjah Huston

Nyjah Huston
source: the boardr

A perfect example of a skateboard genius is Nyjah Huston. He got training from his father ever since he could stand and walk.

He is the youngest skateboarder to have ever won Tampa AM, probably the toughest competition in skateboarding. Since then, Nyjah has returned home with several awards. With more than $15 million in monetary awards, he sets the record for most titles among skaters.

Winner should expect hate . However, people criticize Nyjah for his competitive, solid nature, way of living, and sense of style. 

Nyjah receives his fair share of harsh comments on social media as one of, if not the most popular skater in today’s scene. He recently failed to bring home a medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Nijay is the king of cringe and primarily a skater for competitions; he doesn’t contribute to the culture.

4. Shaun White

Shaun White
source: wikipedia

Because Shaun White’s hair was always on fire, it was almost sure from birth that anyone who didn’t have the same genes would torture him. As everyone knows, making fun of people with Gingervitis is a great way to relax.

That’s why, when the “Flying Tomato” started getting better at both skateboarding and snowboarding, we saw even more red than what was on his head. Tony Hawk keeps an eye on Shaun White, who has won every race and now has more backers than a cheap abortion center. 

5. Aaron Kyro

Aaron Kyro
source: the skater wiki

Except for Scientology, Aaron is not a decent person. He is spoiled. And as well unable to make solid friends. Aaron has a history of being selfish, acting with fake humility, and never making a mistake.

Very few, if any, people would ever comment, “Aaron Kyro helped me with…..” and that kind of personality appears in his terrible videos, clearly ignoring skateboarding and theft of money from vulnerable young people. Yes, he was excellent once upon a time, but that ship has long since left.

It is very odd when people surround children in parks shouting, “SHOW ME YOUR BOARD,” “SHOW ME YOUR SHOES,” etc. You can see these types of annoying things in his videos on YouTube.

6. Jereme Rogers

Jereme Rogers
source: fandom

Jereme Rogers is one of the most brilliant skateboarders the sport has ever seen. The famous athlete was on the rise to becoming one of the best. At just 24, he decided to resign from the competition early.

He turns his back on everything to pursue another passion—music—because the money, the sponsors, the pressure, and everything else isn’t enjoyable anymore.

Many people in the skateboarding community and on social media criticized his life decision, and some continue to think he made a mistake today.

7. Margera Bam

Margera Bam
source: wikipedia

You’re undoubtedly familiar with Bam Margera from the Jackass. A renowned group of risk-taking stuntmen is willing to do everything to have fun and create amusing videos.

However, you may have yet to be aware that Bam skated professionally for Toy Machine and Element Skateboard.

He participated in competitions before the Jackass storm forced him away from skateboarding. He recorded video portions for almost five years.

Following Jackass, Bam debuted his own TV program, Viva La Bam, where he did the same thing against his family and on his own property. 

He became an alcoholic and unfit person due to his time in show business, which kept him away from the skating community. Bam attempted to return to skating in 2017, but his old enemy caught up with him. 

8. Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen
source: wikipedia

Everyone over the age of thirteen can criticize the founders of our craft without any consequences, thanks to YouTube and Monster Energy Drinks. This criticism is then repeated by other thirteen-year-olds with the same viewpoint, making them think they are right.

If another thirteen-year-old agrees with you, that doesn’t mean you’re right; it just means you’re thirteen. If there is one rule about hate that everyone should follow, it’s this: do it right or keep your prepubescent pie hole shut.

By the way, if you’re not old enough to drink and have ever stated Rodney Mullen’s name in connection with style or a lack thereof, this line officially removes you from skateboarding and all activities connected to it.


These are some of the worst skateboarders we discuss in our article.The worst skater is not about lacking talent but behavior—certain habits, such as not respecting others, bullying, and harsh talking.

Irregularity can make you hateful. This article helps you know about the worst skateboarders and the reasons behind the hate people show for them.


Q: Do skateboarders suffer many injuries?

According to the National Safety Council, over 200,000 skateboarders are hurt in the US each year. 

Q: What is the proper name of brilliant haters?

Joa Fields, a.k.a. Sci-Fi Fantasy team rider, is a skateboard reviewer on YouTube.A complete street portion from A Gifted Hater has recently been uploaded to his channel.

Q: Has Tony Hawk quit skating?

Hawk stopped skating in 2003, although he is still skating today.

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