Why Is My Skateboard Squeaky?

Why Is My Skateboard Squeaky?

Trucks usually make noise because of their bearings, which are the most common cause. Your skateboard truck stays steady because of the bushings.

Different parts of your skateboard, like the bearings, riser pads, and wheels, could cause you loud problems. Because putting too much pressure on something could cause friction, which makes annoying noises. So, if you’ve tried to figure out the problem and still can’t, keep reading.

Why do my trucks squeak so much? The reasons behind squeaking

Why do my trucks squeak so much? The reasons behind squeaking
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Your skateboard squeaks a lot for a lot of different reasons. Here are some possible reasons why it’s making noises that don’t need to be there. As we go on, we’ll talk about them in more detail.

  • Your base plate has loose screws.
  • Worn-out joints.
  • Worn-out cup for the pivot.
  • Dried-out wheels.
  • Moveable washers.
  • Raise pads that are loose or broken.
  • Flat spots on your wheels or how hard they are.

What You Need?

For your pivot nut, you’ll need a wrench and some wax. There are a lot of skate tools out there, but the ones made by Silver Truck Co. are my favorites.

The one in the picture is the one I have, and it works great. It has a file on the side for trimming the edges of your grip tape. As I write this, you can buy it on Amazon for $20 to $30.

I used the same simple wax block for steps and stairs. Shorty’s sells curb wax that will do the job and can be used for more than one thing.

How do you stop your skateboard from squeaking?

How do you stop your skateboard from squeaking?
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1. Check out the truck

Look at the truck carefully and name its parts before you start. Check for any nuts or bolts that might be loose or noisy. If all your parts look like they belong, you may need to take the truck’s wheels off to get to other parts. You can do this with a skate tool or a wrench.

2. Put grease on

Once the wheels have been removed, you can put grease on the truck’s axles and hinge cups. This will help stop these parts from making noises like squeaking. If your joints are old, it’s time to get new ones. You can get new parts at any skate shop or online.

3. Change the ball bearings

If your truck’s ball bearings are worn out, you must replace them. Again, you can easily find these parts in most skate shops or online. Once all the parts have been fixed and oiled, put the wheels back on the truck and make sure all the bolts are tight.

4. Try out your board

After putting your skateboard back together, please give it a test ride to ensure everything works. If your skateboard still makes noise, you may need to repeat some of the steps above.

The kingpin is what keeps the truck together. If it’s loose, it can make the truck squeak. Make sure to tighten it so it doesn’t cause more problems.

5. Pull the nuts and bolts tight

Check your skateboard’s nuts and bolts to ensure they are all tightened. Loose ones can also make noises that sound like squeaking. You shouldn’t hear any more squeaks if you’ve done these things.

Following these steps makes it easy to fix a skateboard truck that makes noise. Check for old parts, repair them, and put oil in the right places.

Why are my bushings squeaking?

Why are my bushings squeaking?
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It’s common for new skateboard trucks, especially ones made of metal, to make noise. The trucks are new, and the joints and hinge cups must be broken. The clicking should decrease over time as the bushings and hinge cups wear down and become more flexible.

But if the noise is very loud or stays long, it could mean the joints are too tight or need to be oiled. You can fix this by moving the hub nut on the truck or putting a small amount of skateboard wax or silicone spray on the bushings.

Generally, it’s best to break in new skateboard trucks by riding them often and slowly getting faster and more active. This will help the bushings and hinge cups wear in over time, making them less noisy. Ask a skateboard mechanic or other expert for help if the noise stops or worsens.

How do you get rid of squeaky bushings?

In the end,

Now that we’re at the end, I hope we’ve answered your question about why your skateboard is squeaking. Because you read this piece, you now know that this problem can be fixed by taking a few simple steps.

Before going to a repair shop or buying a new skateboard:

  1. Follow the steps in this article.
  2. Make regular repairs on your skateboard parts to make them last longer.
  3. If you think this story is interesting, tell your friends about it.


Q: Can you grease skateboard bushings?

Spreading grease, oil, WD40, or a dry lube stick on the bushings’ top and bottom flat surfaces is a good idea. 

Q: For a skateboard, what kind of tools do you need?

Phillips head #2 screwdriver or an Allen head 1/8″

Q: What do you call the grip on a skateboard?

Griptape is a type of sandpaper, or emery board stuck to the top of a skateboard deck. It gives you a stable place to stand and lets you do tricks.

Q: What do you call the style of skateboarding?

Skater style concerns skateboards, graffiti, fish-eye lenses, and pants. Most skater clothes are either solid colors or band t-shirts. In the 1940s, someone made the first skateboard, but it took off in the late 1950s.

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