Why Do People Hate Skateboarders?

Why Do People Hate Skateboarders?

People can hate skateboarders for many different reasons, but the main ones are that they are loud and risky. Skateboarders often get into crashes, leading to cases of being made fun of in public.

Many drivers think that skateboarders are annoying and need to be handled firmly. In recent years, gangs and other types of crime have been linked to skateboarding, which has made many people in cities worldwide think less of it.

Even with all the bad things said about it, many people still love to engage in this unique sport. But for some reason, people hate skateboarding so much.


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People hate skateboarding around their streets

People hate skateboarding around their streets
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Some people think that skateboarding takes up too much space on the street or path, which can cause problems. Skateboarders are a problem for walkers and drivers who don’t like it when people do this activity illegally on the roads.

The lack of respect that many people have for skaters has given this sport a bad name, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

During the significant drought in California in the 1970s, people started to dislike skateboarders. Kids would sneak into people’s yards to skate in the void pools. People still hate skateboarding because skaters from the past broke swimming pools and other public places.

Skateboarding is a fun and popular sport, but some people don’t like skateboarding because it has a bad reputation. There are a lot of false beliefs about skateboarders that can make them seem dangerous or harmful.

People hate skateboarders for things that are more common and easy to see. When you’re riding the skateboard, you need to keep this in mind. Only to keep these things from getting in the way of your skating job.

1- Skateboarders are rude and dangerous to hang out with

Skateboarders are rude to beginners who break skatepark regulations. You may be instructed on riding direction and board conduct. Do not taunt or stop pro skaters—you will be asked to leave the skatepark.

The skaters are safe to observe. Watching a cyclist with poor control is not a good indicator. Because you can hurt. Otherwise, the skaters are happy and lucky to witness. Be careful when entering skateparks.

2- Skaters Who Have Been Identified as Criminals

When things start, skateboarders are called vandals. That undermines vital property. Since skaters now prioritize their future over damage, modifications have been implemented. The skateboard community is currently hurting. The label can only be removed if the supreme court orders it.

I advise all new skateboarders to be cautious. Always focus on your future to become a national pro skateboarder.

3- Owners of Strollers and Automobiles hate Skateboarders

Skateboarders need to be aware of skating surfaces and grounds. While skateboarding on the sidewalk, strollers tease them. 

Skaters can display their talents and skate in their preferred style in designated areas. Continue with automobile owners’ hatred of skaters. What if you strike the car’s bumper or part? Repairing the bumper will cost plenty. Also, it can shatter any skateboard part.

Vehicle owners sometimes don’t forgive. They received the skateboard damage you caused. So you pay twice for the skateboard and bumper. The only option is to observe traffic regulations or quit riding.

4- The Annoying Noise Caused by Skateboarding

Noise problems might also cause depression as skateboarders are abundant on the streets—conversations and skateboarding injure them. Skateboarding noise is annoying, especially when sleeping—or family time.

It could be better at work. Imagine hearing skating while working at home. A daily routine will distract and disappoint you.

 It might be frustrating at first, but it gets better.

5- Properties That Damage

People say they love skateboarding but hate skateboarders. When newbies see the area around them, they wonder why. One reason why people don’t like skateboarders is because they break things.

Now, what kinds of things could traits be? If someone breaks their flowerpot outside their house, that’s enough to make you hate them. When kids or teens skate in their backyards, the set-up can get destroyed.

Some people who do tricks try their luck when they do them over chairs or benches. And some of them fail and break their most essential tools.

You will get over this hate once you stop smartly riding your board. Besides going safely, it’s vital to skate in the right place. Also, following the rules for hanging in your country can help you become an innovative and successful skateboarder.


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The majority of older people get so angry at skateboarders

The majority of older people get so angry at skateboarders
source: pexels

The primary factor is that skating hurts the environment of cities. Whenever they grind, slide, and jump, some skaters break seats and damage stairs. This is expensive and can happen even 100m from a big skatepark.

I’m not trying to be condescending, and I know that skateboarding is also for using the city as your playground, but I can see why taxpayers might get mad.

Some senior citizens are sad and angry. They don’t do anything exciting and think skaters are rebels who question how they live. They don’t see the effort and hard work you have to put into Ollie. When they see “piercing,” they think of “punk rock.” By the way, a lot of skaters are shy. 

Some folks are afraid. You move quickly, and your path is hard to guess for them. You jump and spin. We still have a hunter-gatherer nerve system, so things that move quickly are dangerous. What you can’t plan for is a threat.

As we get older, these things become more important:

  •  pay more taxes.
  • Our lives become less satisfying.
  •  move more slowly.
  •  get weaker.
  •  get scared more easily.

That’s why some older people hate skateboarders.

Where is skateboarding a crime?

Skateboarding isn’t against the law. You can buy, own, share, and ride a skateboard without restrictions. There are some places where you can skate and others you can’t. If you want to avoid getting in trouble with the police, security guards, or property owners, you shouldn’t slide where it’s prohibited.

What is the fear of skateboarding called?

The fear of skateboarding is termed skateboard phobia.

Get over the fear of skateboarding in public

Get over the fear of skateboarding in public
source: pexels

It’s normal to be afraid of skateboarding. You could hurt yourself without it, but sometimes it can hold you back. 

  • You can only overcome your fear of skateboarding by deciding to do it and ensuring you’re ready.
  • Make sure you know the fundamentals.
  • Slowly get stronger.
  • Fear is natural, so don’t push it away.
  • Figure out how to fall.
  • Commit and don’t overthink.
  • Be sure of yourself, but don’t be arrogant. Focus on yourself, and don’t worry about what other people think.
  • You don’t have to be a pro to work out with a friend.


People who hate skateboarders are those who own land, scooters, bikes, and people who walk. The people who own the land hate them because they break or damage their outside things.

Even more so when skaters ride on the street or road, skateboarders can also cause crashes for people on scooters and bikes. The same goes for people walking on the street or crossing the street.


Q: Is skateboarding high-risk?

Skateboarding is a fun and exciting sport but has a high risk of getting hurt. Every year, there are about 70,000 accidents that send people to the emergency room.

Q: Is skateboarding male-dominated?

Skateboarding remains a sport that most men do since most people do it are men. Even though the number of women who skateboard is rising, most riders are still mostly men. Men are more likely to take chances, which is why men are more likely to be good at skateboarding.

Q: Why do cops hate skateboarders?

It’s part of the “bad boy,” “skater boy,” or “rebellious” way of thinking that is common among skaters. 

 The cops are like everyone who doesn’t skate and only “understand” skaters from the outside. They see overly busy, not-very-smart kids who can do what they do because they don’t fear getting hurt.

Q: How can you stop people from skating?

Skateboard stoppers consists aluminum can be put in the right places to keep people from skating on walls, steps, seats, tables, handrails, etc. We have many skate deterrents to fit your needs and the surface you want to protect.

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