What's So Bad About Pushing Mongo?

What’s So Bad About Pushing Mongo?

When a skater pushes Mongo, the shift in weight makes it harder to handle the board, and the skater will get less speed and steadiness. Because your weight is in the middle of the board when you turn it while pushing usually, this also makes things easy.

One of the most talked-about tricks in skateboarding is “pushing mongo.” One of the oldest unresolved debates in skateboarding is about pushing Mongo.

Mongo, to push or not to move? Skateboarders have been asking this question for decades.

Let’s break down the argument by looking at the original idea. What does it mean to “push mongo”?

What does pushing Mongo mean?

“Pushing Mongo” is a skateboarding name for moving forward on a skateboard by pushing ahead with the front foot while keeping the back foot on the board. It is an essential move used to move forward and is often used to get from one place to another.

The name “Mongo” comes from the idea that the skateboard is being moved with the back foot, or “mongo” foot, instead of the front foot.

In many European languages, like Spanish and Portuguese, “mongo” is a slang word for someone with a mental disability, like “retard.” It comes from the old medical name “mongoloid,” which describes how people with downDown’s syndrome look. Likely, this term was first used to insult those bikers.

What is so bad about pushing Mongo?

What is so bad about pushing Mongo?
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Mongo is hard to push because you must place your feet too carefully, bringing us to the next problem.

When you push with your back foot, your feet will almost always be in a normal position on the board. This is true both when you step off the board to push and when you step back on.

Rarely do you need to change where your feet are. You can just put your front foot where it needs to be on the board for the trick you’re about to try.

Why should I avoid it? 

1. Style

One of the biggesou look like a Mongolian riding a horse.t and most important reasons skateboarders don’t like Mongo pushing is that it needs to be their way.

Many people need to understand how important style is in skateboarding, and most skaters think that pushing Mongo doesn’t look good, whether you like it or not.

Is this a good choice? Perhaps not. But that doesn’t change the fact that most skaters don’t like how it looks. Most skaters agree that flailing your arms around while skating doesn’t look good.

Instead, keeping your arms down by your sides is much more stylish. This might not be fair to people who move their arms a lot, but that’s the standard.

The same goes for flip tricks that rocket instead of leveling out, letting your toe hang off the board when you land a joke, or even tic-tac-toeing after you land.

All skateboarders agree that these things don’t look good from a style point of view. Even though not everyone agrees with them, most people agree with them.

Think of it like the kinds of clothes. People have different ideas about what looks good and what doesn’t, but there are some things that everyone agrees on.

You should skate the way you want to, just like you should wear what you want. However, most skaters agree that mongo pushing doesn’t look good.

2. harder to throw down & longer to set up

harder to throw down & longer to set up
source: pexels

Many skaters think mongo pushing could be better because it is harder to throw down and takes longer to set up for a trick. If you push often, throwing down is a smooth move where your front foot lands near the front of the board, and you can easily switch to driving immediately.

If you push Mongo, the whole process becomes much more awkward, and you have to make many more changes before you’re in the right place on the board.

The same is true if you push or do a trick. When you make it with your back foot, your front foot is already close to where it must be for the scheme you’re trying to do.

But if you want to push Mongo, you must first put your front foot where it needs to be and then move your back foot to where it needs to be on the tail.

You’re adding a step to the process, both physically and figuratively. This is a big deal in skateboarding, where a fraction of a second can make or break a trick.

Most of the time, this extra step only makes a little difference. However, if you’re skating a spot with little roll-up or a line, the extra effort can make it much harder to land a trick than needed.

Mongo pushing makes you move your feet around whenever you want to do the trick, but if you push with your back foot, you can move your feet more naturally.

3. It dramatically reduces your pushing stability

Mongo pushing could be better because it makes you less stable while pushing. When someone moves with their back foot, they can keep their front foot in the middle or front of the board.

This makes riding around much safer because you can turn and shift your weight more efficiently, and the board won’t move when you go over a bump.

If you push a Mongo, it can be harder to turn quickly when you’re going fast. Most of your weight has to be on the back of the board, and since your foot is so far back, the front of the board might bounce differently every time you hit a bump.

If someone has been pushing Mongo for a while, they are probably used to all of this, but that doesn’t change the fact that they would be better off going more often.


No matter what anyone tells you, there is no wrong way to skate. This isn’t about being cool, looking a certain way, or getting in. We’ll leave that to the people who follow trends. Skateboarding is a way to show who you are. It’s about doing your own thing, and that’s what it’s all about.

But it’s more than a matter of style to push Mongo. It’s like trying to skate in flip-flops. You can do it, but it will always need fixing. Moving with the front foot is risky and makes things more complicated than they need to be.

It would help if you always tried to improve your flow as you learn to ride. The best skateboarders look like they were made to do it. When you push Mongo, skating with a smooth flow is almost impossible.

FAQs: What’s So Bad About Pushing Mongo?

Q: Is it wrong to push Mongo on a longboard?

Putting the weight back on the board makes it much easier to lose control and fall off. Skaters who push Mongo do slam more often because they sometimes put their back foot a little farther back toward the tail than usual.

Q: Is it wrong to push with your front foot?

Mongo pushing is what you do when you push with your front leg. Some people do this automatically, but it’s a bad thing. You don’t get the best balance when you make it this way. You should push with your back leg and keep your front leg flat on the ground.

Q: Why do some people like Mongo so much?

One of the best things about pushing Mongo is that it makes it much easier to learn fakie. You will find it much easier to switch to fakie than people who skate in a normal stance. Second, if you are used to sliding Mongo, you will find it easier to glide the switch.

Q: Is it wrong to put your front foot down and push?

Most of the time, it’s best to push with your back foot. If you are learning to skate, now is an excellent time to practice making with your back foot. “Mongo” can get in your way, so you might have to move your feet around before doing advanced tricks.

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