What Is A Tic Tac In Skateboarding?

What Is A Tic Tac In Skateboarding?

Tic-Tacs is a chain of successive heelside-to-toeside kick turns that will enable you to gain pace. When playing tic-tac-toe, your feet are constantly on the board, unlike when you push off.

It’s time to go moving after you’ve managed to balance yourself on a skateboard. 

One of the two methods for gaining speed in skating is the tic-tac-toe move. On a skateboard, there are two methods to increase your speed. Either you push off the ground, or you do tic-tacs.

Tic-Tac is a game

A tic-tac is a skating move that lets you gain speed and motion without pushing. Instead, you swing your board from left to right and stop when you have enough speed.

It’s not a trick you’ll see in more intermediate lines, but if you learn it, you’ll have more power over the board, so it’s worth remembering. Even though the trick is relatively easy, it’s a lot of fun. I took the time to learn it, and now it’s one of my favorite cruising moves.

How to tic tac on a skateboard

How to tic tac on a skateboard
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In a perfect tic-tac-toe parkour move, your body should swing at the same angles while you move forward. When you tic tac, you move your board from left to right to get faster, but skaters use it mainly to fix bad landings. Let’s do these steps with your tic tac skateboard.

Step 1: Getting in place and doing a kick turn

Getting in place and doing a kick turn
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You might be wondering why we should begin with a kick-turn. The whole lesson will be about doing this skill over and over again. Don’t worry; this is the same kick turn that skateboarders liked.

So, start by putting your skateboard on a surface that makes moving harder, like grass or a rough surface. Put your back foot on the back of the truck and your front foot behind the front truck bolts.

Do a few kick-turns to the left and right from this skating stance. With this move, you can get used to doing the tic tac on smooth surfaces.

Step 2: Get the body in shape

Get the body in shape on skateboard
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Before working on turning on a skateboard with your legs and feet, it’s best to train other parts of your body first. They will help us stay in place as we move left and right.

So, while you’re still skating, try to move your hips and shoulders to the toe side and heel side as you turn around your back foot. Your turns should be no more than 45°. Turning over will not lead to good results.

Next, improve your spins by pushing down on the skateboard’s tail and lifting the board’s nose every time you turn. At this point, your skateboard isn’t moving yet.

Remember that you don’t have to lift the nose of the skateboard too high. If you raise it too high, you might lose your beat when you change directions.

Step 3: Swing back and forth

 Swing back and forth on skateboard
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.We’ll do the first two steps together now. Put your skateboard on a smooth sidewalk with the nose pointing toward an open, safe area. Put your feet on the board so that you can skate.

Press a little on the skateboard’s tail as you lift the front truck and wheels. At the same time, use your hips to move the front of the board and swing in the way you want: toe-side or heel-side.Once the swing is about 45°, push the nose of the skateboard down and in the opposite direction.

By doing these steps over and over, the deck will move forward.

Step 4: Practice and get faster at it

Practice and get faster at it
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A tic tac skateboard trick is easy to understand: the more you swing, the faster you go. But it’s best to find your right beat before working on getting faster, which could be helped by a tic tac longboard.

With a tic tac, it doesn’t matter how fast you move. It’s more about how you keep giving your skateboard speed.

So keep trying until you feel okay with the angle you turn. By then, it would be easier to speed up.

How do you Tic Tac on a longboard?

How do you Tic Tac on a longboard?
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101 Tic-Tacs

Grab your skateboard and set it down on the lawn, patio, or neighborhood public garden to get things going.

Step on the board once more and practice a few kick turns. To practice it while moving, the objective is to work on your muscle memory. You’re prepared for the tic-tacs after you feel confident doing frontside and backside kick turns.

To make things easier to grasp, let’s split them down:

  • starting with your front foot in the middle and your back foot on the board’s edge at the tail;
  • To raise the nose, gently press down on the board’s back;
  • Turn your skateboard’s nose by angling your hips;
  • Put some pressure on the board’s nose to pull it down;
  • Repetition of the opposite hip motion;

How do you do a Tic Tac forward?

The idea behind this method is to do side-to-side kick turns to pick up speed by moving the nose of the board.

  • First, put yourself in the right spot on the board.
  • Put the back of your foot on the curve of the tail and the front of your foot on the bolts.
  • Put your weight on your back leg and start making small kick turns by lifting your nose one way, then the other, using your shoulders.
  • Once you know how to do this, go faster as you move from left to right on the board.
  • Start with smaller turns to gain speed, then make kick turns that are about 45° wide.
  • This method allows you to gain momentum while sliding without pushing off the ground.
  • Keep practicing until you’re fast enough to do tricks.

Here are some ways to keep from falling when you play Tic Tac:

Here are some ways to keep from falling when you play Tic Tac:
source: pexels
  • It would help if you started by getting used to your skateboard. Practice going straight and making slow turns by leaning in the direction you want to go.
  • Once you feel comfortable on your skateboard, you can start learning Tic Tac by putting your feet in the Tic Tac stance. To do this, place your front foot near the middle of the board and your back foot on the tail at a slight angle.
  • Start slowly rolling forward and shift your weight by leaning your shoulders and hips in the direction you want to turn. As you move your weight, push the board’s tail down and out with your back foot. This will help you start the turn.
  • Focus on moving smoothly and steadily, and try to avoid jerky or unexpected moves, which could cause you to lose your balance.
  • As you get used to the movement, you can gradually speed up and try turning on different surfaces, like concrete or asphalt.

 It’s essential to wear safety gear when skateboarding, especially when trying out new moves like Tic Tac. This includes a hat and pads for the knees, elbows, and wrists. You’ll be able to learn the Tic Tac and take your skateboarding skills to the next level if you keep practicing and pay attention to safety.

Wear safety gear

If you don’t know how to do tic-tacs, you’re probably new to skating, so be careful while training. You don’t have to wear everything but try to wear a hat and wrist guards.

Using your hands to stop yourself from falling is common, but it’s also easy to hurt your wrists. Do yourself a favor and wear wrist guards until you know your skills. Skating is more effortless if you wear safety gear since people feel more confident knowing they are less likely to get hurt.

In the end,

Some of the fun parts of skateboarding come from being able to do a few easy tricks that are special. They might not get you praise, but they can help you have more fun skating.

 And now that you know how to do “tic tac” on a skateboard, you can have more fun just skating around on the street.

Remember to move your shoulders with your hips, and don’t drive the nose of your skateboard too high. You can be a tic-tac-toe master if you can learn these moves.


Q: How do you tic-tac on a cruiser board?

Putting weight on your heel. Whenever the front side pivots. When executed correctly, this will propel you ahead and aid in your increase in speed during tic-tacs.

Q: How did it get its name?

A skateboarder does an ollie when they use their feet to lift the board into the air. The name comes from Alan “Ollie” Gelfand, who came up with the move. Skaters do Most of the ollies on flat ground, but you can also do them off stairs and other obstacles.

Q: What is the skateboard’s easy trick?

  • Pop Shove-It
  • Ollie says:
  • Ollie’s Nose
  • Forward 180
  • Flip kick

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