What does Rule 11 mean, Jordan Peterson?

What does Rule 11 mean, Jordan Peterson?

“Leave kids alone when they are skateboarding.”

This is Rule 11 from the best-selling book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson. Peterson looks at how skateboarding allows boys to try out danger and learn how to deal with risk and pain. As such, it is a good way for boys to meet new people and improve their mental health.

 Peterson thinks that people who try to stop skateboarders have a lot of anger because they don’t like the riders’ freedom, bravery, and style: “I see an insidious and deeply anti-human spirit at work behind the rules that stop skateboarders from doing highly skilled, brave, and dangerous things.”

Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life: What does Rule 11 mean Jordan Peterson? Rule #11: Do Not Bother Children When They Are Skateboarding.

What Peterson thinks….

Parents should make children strong.

Peterson talks about children and how the way they are raised affects how they will handle danger in the future. When their kids are skateboarding, riding bikes, or doing other dangerous things, parents want them to do something “safer.”

Peterson says that this is dangerous in and of itself because the child will eventually have to face the world’s risks, live on their own, and find their purpose in life. Having a safe place to live won’t teach kids to stand their ground.

The patriarchy

Peterson then talks about how people feel about sexism and whether or not it benefits or harms society. “Culture is an oppressive structure.”

This is clear. Why? Because in any system with a leader, there are winners and losers. So, we have to talk about it. He says that men didn’t make culture but that “the patriarchy” is a sign of that idea. 

Women and men work together to fight against the system of masculinity and try to make their lives easier.

While men worked hard to put food on the table, women had to deal with “a high chance of getting pregnant when they didn’t want to, the risk of dying or getting seriously hurt during childbirth, and the weight of having too many young children.”

Challenges make people develop their abilities.

When you make parks too safe, kids stop playing there or start playing in ways that are not suitable. Children need places that are scary enough to keep them interested. People, including children, who are also people, don’t try to avoid danger. They want to improve it.

 Systems develop Values

When thinking about oppression, think about this: every order has winners and losers. Those at the top of the order are more likely to defend it, while those at the bottom are more likely to attack it. But: 

  • The pursuit of any desired goal by a group creates an order because some people are better at it than others, no matter what it is
  • The pursuit of goals gives life a lot of meaning. 

When we progress toward something we really want and value, we feel almost all the feelings that make life rich and interesting. The price we pay for being involved is that we have to create hierarchies of success, and the result is that different things will happen. Absolute equality would mean giving up value itself, meaning there would be no reason to live.

Learn to Speak Up and Make It Happen.

“Women and men who don’t act assertively do too much for others. They often work as if the people around them are upset children. Those men and women think all social interactions should be based on teamwork and try to avoid conflict.

This means they don’t face problems in their relationships or work. They always make sacrifices for other people. This may sound good and is a good way to act in some situations, but it can and often does lead to a one-sided situation that isn’t helpful.

 People who are too nice go out of their way to help others but don’t stand up for themselves. The people act thoughtfully but expect others to do the same for them instead of ensuring it will happen. And they don’t speak up when this doesn’t happen. They don’t or can’t ask for praise straight up. “

Figure out how to stand. Get the awareness

“People who are nice, caring, empathetic, and don’t like to get into fights let other people walk all over them, which makes them angry. They give up much of themselves for others, sometimes too much, and can’t understand why it isn’t returned. 

Agreeable people do what the society asks them to do, which takes away their freedom. High trait neuroticism can make this kind of thing even more dangerous.

When someone makes a suggestion, agreeable people will follow it instead of always pressing in their way. So, they lose their way, become unsure of what to do and too easy to convince.”

How to Move Forward

“The spirit that makes it hard for boys to grow up isn’t any more friendly to women than to men. When little girls try to stand independently, they complain just as loudly and righteously (“You can’t do it, it’s too dangerous”).

It’s the opposite of being aware. It’s against people, wants them to fail, and is bitter, angry, and hurtful. No one who cares about people would join forces with something like this. No one who wants to move up would let themselves be controlled by such a thing.


we hope that you might find this article helpful about What does Rule 11 mean Jordan Peterson? He means that overprotecting kids is just another way to hurt and abuse them more subtly and that the damage it does can last a lifetime.

As a parent, it’s your job to help your kids develop courage, competence, resilience, character, and strength so they can face the hard challenges that life will inevitably throw at them and do well and so they can live an independent life with enough meaning to make their inevitable suffering and eventual death worth it.

Skateboarding is how kids naturally take chances and push themselves to grow and learn. His rule says that dealing too much with how a child grows and develops is a form of child abuse, even though children need some basic rules to keep them from dying or getting seriously hurt.


Q: Jordan Peterson and skateboarding?

Peterson is an interesting study since he examines how skateboarding helps boys try out risk and develop a tolerance for discomfort. 

Q: How do you say skater girl in slang?

Betty is the name for the woman who rides on the back of a skateboard and does tricks and stunts. Since the 1960s, when the term was first used, skaters have been linked to it.

Q: What does Jordan Peterson mean by not bothering children when they are skateboarding?

It will focus on the positive aspects of chaos for learning and personal development and the potential risks of not allowing children to challenge themselves or explore potentially risky situations.

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