Should You Buy A Walmart Skateboard?

Should You Buy A Walmart Skateboard?

Cheap materials are used to make Walmart skateboards, which is why they are bad. You can use them several times, but they will only last for a while.

Are skateboards from Walmart good? The answer is that you should stay away from Walmart skateboards because they are cheap and dangerous. The parts of the cars are cheap, so they are likely to break.

The wheels often need to be in the right place, which makes them wobble. They have a bad form and are uncomfortable to wear.

Walmart board as a startup

To start, Walmart boards have some pros and cons:


  • They need to be quicker. Slow as quicksand. You can’t “ride” around.
  • They fall apart. Even though I could hardly ollie, trucks would break. (Normal trucks will last longer than you unless you ride grinds or stairs a lot.)
  • Bad pop, which makes it harder to ollie and do other tricks.
  • Unbalanced (bad trucks)
  • Was it slow? You can’t keep up with your friends on a Walmart board if they want to bike to the store.


  • At the very beginning, the slowness can help a little bit. I wouldn’t call this help good or positive, though, and I think it would be much easier to learn on a real deck.
  • If you can’t get your hands on blank decks, budget/Mini-logo web sellers aren’t too expensive.

Can you learn to skateboard on a Walmart board?

Can you learn to skateboard on a Walmart board?
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I will say it’s possible to learn how to skate on a cheap board from Walmart, but it’s highly unlikely and could be more dangerous than if you got real equipment from a reliable brand.

Do yourself a favour and save money to buy a good skateboard from a nearby skate shop. They will have good gear that will last longer and work better than the cheap junk sold at Walmart.

Cheap materials are used to make Walmart skateboards, which is why they are bad. It’s also much harder to learn how to skateboard on a cheap board, and it can be unpleasant and make you lose interest.

 You can learn balance and the ollie as your first steps. But you’ll keep breaking them and having to buy new ones. The hardware on those boards is usually very cheap and will only last for a while.

The best thing to do would be to look for a good board from a skate shop. Even the cheapest boards are better than the ones at Wal-Mart.


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Walmart sells different kinds of skateboards at each of its stores. But most Walmarts sell a wide range of skateboards, including.

  • Both regular and electric ones.
  • Maple wood is often used to make standard boards.
  • On the other hand, electric skateboards have engines that move them forward without being pushed.

Most of the time, these boards can go up to 20 miles per hour. There’s a type of board for everyone at Walmart, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Why are the boards at Walmart bad?

Why are the boards at Walmart bad?
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The first reason is that Walmart skateboards don’t work well. They are made of cheap materials that are only sometimes put together properly. The board will last a while but will wear out quickly. It also gets harder to learn how to skateboard, which is annoying and can make you want to quit.

Safety is the second reason. You need to find out when a cheap skateboard will break. The wheels can fall off while you’re going, and the trucks can break when you hit something.

The decks are made with fewer plies and often must be properly compressed. This causes chipping, sharp edges, pressure cracks, and the need to change the board before it gets dangerous.

If the trucks are made of plastic, it’s clear that the board could be better. A board with plastic trucks is just a toy in my eyes.

Skateboarding can be dangerous; you don’t want to hurt yourself because your board is cheap. But it would help if you never put your safety at risk when skating. Instead, save money and buy a skateboard to support your weight.

Are Walmart longboards worth it?

Are Walmart longboards worth it?
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Before buying a skateboard from Walmart, consider a few things. The first thing is how good the skateboard is. Walmart usually sells cheaper skateboards that might not last as long or work as well as better boards.

Also, Walmart only sometimes has a big selection of skateboards, so you might not be able to find the one you want.

Lastly, Walmart’s skateboard return policy is often better than other stores, so consider this before buying. Whether or not it’s worth buying a skateboard from Walmart depends on what you want and need.


The skateboards you can buy at Walmart need to be better. Different parts of these skateboards are wood or plastic, which could be better. Their wheels and hubs tend to be too stiff. With such useless boards, it’s almost impossible to ride smoothly.

I bought a few skateboards a few months ago, but that was the worst thing I’ve ever done. Later, I went to Walmart to see what people said about these skateboards, and I was shocked. People have already said it was wrong, but I’m sorry, I didn’t check these before.

When someone asked, ” How can you tell if a skateboard is good quality? We can tell them that if you want to buy a skateboard from Walmart, you should look at the reviews with two or three stars. Please don’t trust the reviews with four or five stars because they are likely fake.


Q: Can you do tricks on a cheap skateboard?

Anyone who wants to learn tricks or skate for a long time shouldn’t buy a cheap skateboard. You can buy a cheap skateboard first to see if skating is something you want to do.

Q: Are Walmart skateboards good to use for a beginner?

Cheap materials are used to make Walmart skateboards, which is why they are bad. 

Q: How big should a girl’s first skateboard be?

If your feet are smaller and you wear kid’s sizes 4 to 6, start with a 7 to 7.5-inch wide deck. If you wear adult shoe sizes 8 to 12, choose skateboards between 7.75″ and 8.25″. 8″ is often a good middle ground if you’re unsure where to start.

Q: Is skateboarding a sport that costs a lot?

Depending on how often and how hard you skate, it costs little to go skateboarding.

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