How to ship an electric skateboard?

How to ship an electric skateboard?

Using a trustworthy shipping firm specializing in bulky and delicate commodities is the best way to ship a boosted board. Make sure you put your board safely in a box or container suitable for its size, weight, and level of fragility.

Use many cushioning materials, such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and foam. On the outside of the box, indicate the contents and add the word “Fragile” to the label. Additionally, we advise you to get shipment insurance for any damage or loss.

You can deliver Skateboards in a few different ways. The most typical method is to work with a shipping firm like UPS or FedEx. The US Postal Service is an additional option. Every technique has advantages and disadvantages, so picking the best one for your needs is crucial.

1. The UPS and FedEx

UPS and FedEx are the most often used shipping services for skateboards. Depending on your needs, pick one of these. They could cost more than other delivery methods, though.

2. US Postal Service

Shipping skateboards via the USPS is more affordable. However, they do not provide insurance. Therefore, any will be at your expense.

Types of Skateboard Shipping Boxes

Types of Skateboard Shipping Boxes
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You can ship your Skateboards in several various sorts of boxes. Cardboard boxes are the most typical kind of box.

1. Boxes made of cardboard

These sturdy boxes may safeguard your skateboard well. However, they may be expensive to ship and are also relatively heavy.

2. Skateboard Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes made exclusively for skateboards are also available. These shipping crates are for safeguarding your skateboard. They often feature cushioning on the inside and consist of cardboard or plastic.

3. Plastic Box

Utilizing a plastic box is an additional choice. Plastic containers can be less expensive to ship since they are lighter than cardboard boxes. 

4. Soft case

As a final option, consider using a soft case. Soft cases may be handled by hand and contain materials like canvas or nylon. Although they are frequently cheaper to ship, they are less intense than complex cases.

What Will You Need for a Skateboard Shipment?

What Will You Need for a Skateboard Shipment?
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You’ll need to do a few things to get your skateboard ready for delivery, regardless of the shipping option you select.

1. Identify the measurements of your skateboard

You should measure The skateboard’s length, width, and depth first. Measure the board’s length from the nose to the tail. A skateboard typically measures between 28″ and 32″ long and 7.5″ to 8.25″ wide. The typical skateboard weighs about 5 kilograms or 11 pounds.

2. Remove trucks and wheels

It would help first to remove the trucks and wheels from your board. This will aid in preventing damage to them during delivery. They may either be shipped individually or in a package with your board.

3. Before packing, secure the skateboard deck

Make sure a broad piece of bubble wrap completely covers the skateboard. It should be thick enough to protect your skateboard from potential scratches caused by improper shipping handling. For further information, refer to this skateboard wrapping tutorial.

If a damaged box does occur, you can add a label on top of the bubble wrap for further identification.

4. Make a skateboard shipment box

You may now select the ideal skateboard shipping box for your cargo after figuring out the dimensions of your board. You may make a DIY box out of used boxes if there is yet to be one made to match your skateboard’s measurements.

Skateboard shipping boxes range in price from $1 to $3 per piece for large purchases in some online retailers. A minimum of 6″ extra room should be included in each dimension to allow for packaging supplies.

5. Secure the skateboard deck in a box

Put the bubble-wrapped skateboard deck carefully into the skateboard shipment box or, if you have one with you, inside its case to prevent the board from shifting within the shipment box; stuff any spare areas with polystyrene peanuts.

Tape your package in the shape of an H for the best possible sealed shipping box.

6. Label the packaging

Your name, address, and information for the recipient should all be written outside the mailing box. You can write these particulars on both sides of the box for simple identification. You can wrap your shipment boxes for further security to stop your shipping information from coming undone. Just be careful to keep any barcodes exposed.

7. Select the shipping method

Finally, select the shipping method that best suits your requirements. You may utilize the US Postal Service in addition to popular options like UPS and FedEx. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages.

Requiring insurance

If you own a skateboard with a high value, we also advise hiring supplemental insurance. Even though it is not required, the insurance will cover any mishap during the shipment. To learn more, see our insurance section.

Which is Better for Skateboard Shipping: Air or Ground?

Which is Better for Skateboard Shipping: Air or Ground?
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You may choose between sending your skateboard by air or by ground. Although each approach has advantages and disadvantages, choosing the best one for your needs is crucial.

Shipping by Air

 The significant advantage of shipping by air is that it moves more quickly than shipping by ground. If you need your board right now, this is the best option. It could, however, cost more than ordinary shipping.

Shipment by Ground

If we compare ground shipment to air shipment, ground delivery is more affordable. Your board may take more time to reach its target, though. Therefore, air shipment can be your best alternative if speed is essential.

Whatever shipping method you use, abide by the advice in this article to ensure your board gets to its destination safely. You may relax knowing that your skateboard will reach its goal intact with a bit of planning!

Wrap up

In conclusion, read this page if you need to ship an electric skateboard. It will provide you with all the knowledge about How Can you send an electric skateboard? that you need to properly and securely pack and transport your board. 

Avoid holidays and busy seasons when shipping your skateboard; workdays are preferable.

Use packing material to strengthen the box and secure your board inside. Additionally advised is shipping insurance in case of loss or damage.


Q: Can I take an electric skateboard on a plane?

After receiving permission from the airline’s administration, you can board a flight with your electric skateboard. That is not all, though. 

Q: Can I ship a boosted board?

Select a reliable shipping service specializing in transporting heavy or delicate things.

Q: Can you take a skateboard on an international flight?

Carry-on luggage is allowed to contain skateboards. Please inquire about any size or weight limits with your airline.

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