Penny Boarding Vs. Skateboarding

Penny Boarding Vs. Skateboarding

While skateboards are used for tricks and acrobatics, penny boards are mainly for transportation and relaxed cruising. Skateboards are less portable than penny boards since they are bigger and heavier.

They have more giant trucks and decks, increasing stability at faster speeds. Its bigger wheels also enable better mobility in confined areas like bowls and half-pipes.

Penny boards

Penny Board
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They began in the 1970s., but their name and fame today come from the Australian company Penny Skateboards, which was started in 2010. Since then, “penny boards” has become a general term for this type of skateboard, and many other companies now make their own.

Penny boards are small, light, and made of hard plastic with a nose and narrow tail. They are usually between 22 and 27 inches long, and you can find one that fits your budget, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Penny Boards are great for getting to work or just going for a ride, and they’re small enough to fit in your bag. They are suitable for teaching younger kids how to push and turn before they move on to a regular skateboard, but harder for teens and adults to keep their balance on.

 Penny Boards may be easier to ride over cracks and steps because they have big wheels, but if you want to learn tricks, a regular skateboard is better because penny boards aren’t suitable for ramps or going fast.

Pros of a Penny Skateboard

  • Penny skateboards are great for getting around or moving because they’re small enough to fit in a bag.
  • Mini penny boards may be easier for young kids to learn on than full-size skateboards.
  • Penny skateboards are usually cheap, but you can still find more expensive ones.

Cons of a Penny Skateboard

  • Penny skateboards are hard for teens and adults to balance because they are so small, which can be discouraging if you are starting.
  • It’s hard to do tricks on a penny skateboard, and we wouldn’t suggest trying to skate stairs on one, either.


source: pexels

 Many skateboards exist, but this guide discusses the standard wooden one. Cruisers, longboards, and electric skateboards will be in another book.

An everyday skateboard comprises seven layers of maple wood and has cocktails on the front and back. They come in many widths, lengths, and shapes, so you can find one that fits you and the skating you want.

One of the best things about standard skateboards is that they can be built to order. You can choose the board, trucks, wheels, and gear to fit your skating needs.

Prices for standard skateboards range from “completes” to “custom builds,” so you can spend what you want. There is, of course, a board to fit any price.

Pros of skateboard

  • There are different sizes of skateboards. Wider boards are more solid but harder to get off the ground. So, skaters can choose a panel that fits their style or skill level.
  • You can do many tricks on an average skateboard that would be hard or impossible to do on a penny skateboard.
  • Skateboards are more stable than penny boards because they are more significant. They are also easier for beginners to learn.
  • Skateboard decks can have different kinds of art on them, so you can pick one that fits your style and lets you show who you are. Also, some companies make unique edition decks with artwork people want to buy.

Cons of a skateboard

  • Skateboards are bigger and heavier than penny boards but also harder to transport.
  • If you choose a long, wide skateboard, you’ll have to work harder to get going faster.

Why do they call it penny boards?

Penny Skateboards began when Ben Mackay designed the Penny board in 2010. McKay chose the name “Penny” to honor his sister. Mackay’s first skateboard was a little plastic cruiser his father purchased at a yard sale, and it was this board that ultimately sparked the concept for the firm.

What is the difference between a penny board and a skateboard?

What is the difference between a penny board and a skateboard?

Pennyboards and skateboards have some things in common but are also very different.

  • A penny board is a small cruiser skateboard that has existed since the 1970s. It has smaller plastic decks, Trucks that can’t change, and small but strong wheels. This makes it light and easy to carry, perfect for going in small areas or on public transportation. It is also usually cheaper than regular skateboards.
  • On the other hand, a standard skateboard is usually more prominent and has a movable truck that gives the rider more control when turning and doing tricks. The decks can contain wood, plastic, bamboo, carbon fiber, or other materials. Most skateboards have bigger wheels than penny boards, which makes them easier to ride and gives them more support when doing tricks. Skateboards usually cost more than penny boards, too.
  • The main differences between a penny board and a skateboard are their size, price, and what they are for. Pennyboards are smaller, lighter, and cheaper than regular skateboards. They are also better for casual riders or people who want to ride in small or busy places. On the other hand, skateboards are more significant, heavier, and cost more. They are also more stable and easier to handle when doing tricks. Ultimately, the best one for you will depend on your wants and tastes.

Is it easier to ride a penny board or a skateboard?

A penny board is excellent for beginners since the smaller wheels and softer bushings make it easier to steer.

However, skating calls for higher expertise and training, so if you’re ready for a more significant challenge, a custom-built setup is your best choice. The choice depends on the skater and the kind of skating they want to undertake.

Who uses penny boards?

Pennyboards are for people of all ages, skill levels, and genders. Because of how they are, they are light and easy to control, making them suitable for new and expert riders.

They are also very sturdy and can handle various situations, so skaters can use them in skate parks, streets, and even off-road tracks.

Also, their bright colors and fun patterns make riding fun for everyone. With this in mind, penny boards are an excellent choice for people who want to try skating for the first time.

Which is better: a penny board or a skateboard?

Which is better: a penny board or a skateboard?
source: pexels

Which one is better, a penny board or a skateboard, is ultimately up to the individual using it. 

  • Pennyboards are often more compact than skateboards, making them attractive for commuters and frequent board transporters.
  •  Their reduced weight makes them simpler to manage while riding. 
  • They have softer wheels that absorb shock and provide a more relaxed ride.
  • The bigger size and broader decks of skateboards might make them more stable. This makes them more durable while turning at high speeds, making them ideal for feats and acrobatics.
  •  Their harder wheels increased speed potential and improved performance on more challenging terrain.

When circumstances are optimal, penny boards and skateboards may provide impressive results. Either board style may be utilized without risk to one’s health or safety if cared for and used correctly.

Therefore, Both kinds of boards have advantages and disadvantages but can still provide fun times on the water with the proper maintenance and approach.

What matters most is the user’s intended purpose for the board and the features they value most. Some people like the convenience of a penny board, while others prefer the steadiness and adaptability of a skateboard. That person must choose the ideal kind of board for a particular person.


Penny skateboards are smaller than most boards, and their decks are plastic. The companies make them for basic riding and travel. Standard skateboards are more prominent and have wooden decks. The people can use them to cruise, ride vert, and do tricks.

Pennyboards are shorter, and their wheels are more considerable and smoother. Longboards are a type of skateboard, and Penny Boards are a type of longboard.

Ultimately, what you want from a board will determine whether you should buy a penny board or a regular skateboard. Most people should buy skateboards instead of penny boards because they can be helpful for more things. But if you want a small, light commission, you should choose a penny skateboard.


Q: Can Penny boards be used at skateparks?

There may be better options than the penny board if you want to head to the skate park and start learning tricks. Henderson says penny boards are for cruising, not scheming.

The trucks are higher, and the wheels are more prominent and softer than on a regular skateboard, making for a more comfortable ride.

Q: Is it better to ride a longboard or a penny board?

The low-quality urethane on a Penny Board needs to slide better, and its narrow shape and lack of a curve make it hard to slide. Even if it were easy to slide, the Penny setup makes it hard to control when going downhill.

Q: Can you get water on a penny board?

It all depends on you and what you have! Just remember that it’s never good for the bearings to get wet. 

Q: Can penny boards break easily?

The plastic used to make the deck is solid. It takes work, even if you intentionally try to break a Penny Board.

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