Pedestrians, bicyclists and skateboarders

Pedestrians, bicyclists and skateboarders

Walkers, cyclists, and skateboarders must follow right-of-way rules while using the road.

A pedestrian walks or uses a non-bicycle skateboard or human-powered skateboard. Walkers include pedestrians, bicyclists, boys, and highway workers.

In the United States, pedestrians have the right of way when skateboarders and bicycles share the sidewalk legally. Rather than dodging through foot traffic, those using wheeled devices should exit.

Is a bicyclist considered a pedestrian in California?

Is a bicyclist considered a pedestrian in California?
source: shouse law

Riding a bike across a marked crosswalk is a crime in California, even if riding on the sidewalk is lawful since a bike rider travels too quickly to be recognized in time by the driver of a motor vehicle turning right at the crossing after stopping at the red light.

For drivers

While you’re driving and you see a person on foot, bike, or a skateboard, they possess the right of way. pedestrians bicyclists and skateboarders have equal rights. Give bikers at least 3–4 feet of space when you pass them, and always be careful around skateboarders.

When cars hit people on bikes, skateboards, or on the ground, the driver’s Personal Injury Protection insurance has to pay up to a certain amount for their medical bills and lost wages, no matter who was at blame.

Washington laws about pedestrians bicyclists and skateboarders

People know that under Washington law, walkers are safe whether they are going in a marked or empty crossing. But some people might need to learn that the same rules also protect bicycles in crosswalks. 

Even though there are no specific rules about skateboarders in Washington State, a law says a walker is anyone who is walking, in a wheelchair, or using their own strength to move, but not a bicycle. From this point of view, skateboarders are subject to the same rules as people walking. Almost every city and town in Washington has rules about skateboards, which cover many different things.

What skateboarders and riders need to do?

What skateboarders and riders need to do
source: evolve skateboards
  • Walkers always have the right of way. People who are skateboarding or riding bikes should stay away from walkers and give them the right of way.
  • The only people who can skateboard and ride bikes are people who go to Willamette University.
  • On the University grounds, there is no permission for skateboarding without care. “Reckless” includes, but isn’t limited to, jumping on steps and rails, skating in a way that ruins University property, or doing anything else that could scare or bother other people.
  • Before you step off the sidewalk into a crossing, stop and look in both ways to ensure cars coming from the other direction can see you.
  • Even though walkers have the right of way, not all drivers will stop for them. This is especially true if the sun, stopped cars, or other cars block their view of you.
  • Skateboarders can’t ride in the street and must get off their boards before crossing at a sign.
  • Skateboarders are often hard for cars to see because they move quickly and can turn quickly. 
  • Even in a sign, you should NEVER skateboard in the street. Drivers often can’t see skateboarders because they move too fast and are too small.

Permission to do tricks with skateboard:

  • In places where is brick paving for decoration
  • Inside 20 feet of building doors
  • The tennis court.
  • After the quiet hours in the dorm
  • If it stops any University area from working as it should,
  • On towers and concrete buildings that are high up

How to Get There

  • People on skateboards or similar modes of transportation must use bike lanes or stay as close as safely possible to the far right side or edge of the right traffic lane so they can move like other cars. 
  • People on skateboards or similar modes of transportation who are on a curb, shared-use path, or crossing a road at a signal have the same rights and responsibilities as pedestrians.
  • Skateboarders can’t ride skateboards or other similar forms of transportation in household, educational, or government buildings.

Moving on

Pedestrians have the right of way. People on skateboards or other similar modes of transportation must give way to them.

Before overtaking and passing a person on a skateboard or similar way of transportation, pedestrians bicyclists and skateboarders must make a sound.

Cases of accidents

  • If a biker, driver, skateboarder, or walker is in a crash, they must stop and report it.
  •  Tell the university police about crashes that cause death, injury, or damage to property. 
  • All people involved in the accident must give their names and addresses to the police, anyone else involved, or the property owner.
  •  If a biker damages unprotected property, they must try to find the owner and give the owner their name.
  •  If you can’t find the owner, leave a message at the accident site in a visible place and call the cops within 24 hours.


pedestrians bicyclists and skateboarders have to do the same things that cars do when they’re on the road. They have the same rights and responsibilities as others who walk on streets. It is the job of public safety officials to make sure that these rules are adhered to to keep the school safe. 

Everyone needs a safe place to use their mode of transportation. Pedestrians get to walk on the sidewalk, bikers get to ride on bike lanes, and cars get to drive on the road. It’s dangerous to mix any of these.


Q: Is a person on a skateboard a walker?

A walker is a person walking or using a human-powered vehicle (like skates or a skateboard) that is not a bicycle.

Q: What do you call a guy who skateboards?

A skater boy is a slang term for a guy who dresses and acts like a stereotypically rebellious skateboarder. It can be used both in a mean and an excellent way. Bam Margera, sk8er boy, and so on.

Q: What are skaters used for?

Skaters are a physical exercise in which you jump to the side to get your heart rate up, strengthen your legs, and improve your steadiness and balance.

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