Is Skateboarding Harder For Girls?

Is Skateboarding Harder For Girls?

Gender has no impact in this, save that females are often lighter than boys, so you won’t destroy the board as often if you hit a trick badly. That being said, learning to ride anything is difficult.

In general, girls have the same physical skills as boys when it comes to skateboarding. Girls are usually lighter than boys, which can make it less difficult for them to pop or flip a board. They are also less likely to crash their board when they land a trick.

In terms of your body, you’ll be lighter and less stressed on the board, but you might lose a little bit of control. So If the girls want to have pop, they must strengthen their legs. In general, it doesn’t matter what gender you are. Of course, with work and drive, anything can be done.

Girls are becoming more interested in skateboarding and longboarding. Girls are having fun again, as they did in the 1970s.

Still, it is challenging to learn how to handle anything, and it can be harder for girls. Some people are more naturally flexible than others, but you’ll still fall on your bottom more often than you can count and get quite a few scrapes from it.

As the natural process goes, you’ll eventually get the hang of it and get better, and then you can move on to techniques and other cool stuff.

Some Hardships That Women Face In Skateboarding

Some Hardships That Women Face In Skateboarding
source: VIce

Many things make it hard for women to skate, and most have to do with the idea that sports are for men.

1. Men Are Mostly The Ones Who Skateboard.

Despite this talk of being open, skateboarding is mostly done by white middle-class men, and society has a long history of being male-dominated and misogynistic. Girls often find it hard to skateboard, not because they don’t know how to skate but because men dominate the sport.

A girl who skateboards may be the only girl at the skatepark because there may not be any other girls there. She is learning to skate by herself, and the other male skaters watch her because they think she is interesting.

Some male skaters will cheer for female skaters, while others may smile or laugh when they fall. It’s hard for a woman who skateboards, especially if she’s starting, to go to the park and not care about all the looks she gets. It makes it hard for people to get into the sport.

2. Prejudice Based On Culture

Society’s view of skateboarding as a guy thing is another thing that makes it harder for girls to start or keep skating. Most girls who skateboard will be asked why they do it since it’s not usually something girls do.

This is also because skateboarding culture often links to things few women do, like drinking alcohol, being kicked out of public or private places, getting jailed, and listening to metal.

Still, because women who skateboard aren’t very common. Every year, more and more girls in places like Singapore and Japan start skating.

3. Social Media Skate Culture

Local skate scenes aren’t the best places for female skaters, but Instagram, where skaters often post pictures and videos, has become a poisonous and sexist world. 

Men often judge women skateboarders for what they do and wear, especially when they wear more “feminine” clothes. This is also the reason why skateboarding I harder for girls.


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4. Afraid Of Speed And Getting Hurt

Even though there are cases, girls are often less likely than men to do crazy jumps or big airs because they can see themselves getting hurt.

Boys are likelier to try tricks and not let the fear of falling or getting hurt stop them. Girls may also be more afraid of falling down a lot and getting scrapes and bruises.

Men who are good at skateboarding can do crazy big tricks, like jumping over 20 stairs. Girls who are good at skateboarding can’t do tricks like that.

Still, girls will be good at other things, like making very clean landings (better than guys) or switching skating.

5. Girl Skaters Who Take Part In Competition Skating

People often say that male skateboarders tend to do more precise jumps than female skateboarders in big skateboarding events. Men often do tricks, including board flips and hard first stances like switch and nollie.

On the other hand, women tend to focus on grinds and ollies, with some big spin board slides and 50-50 kickflips, which are easier tricks thrown in now and then.

Women Who Were Famous Skateboarders

Linda Benson

Linda Benson
source: encyclopediaofsurfing

As the 1950s came to a close, skateboarding was changing. People were still skating on a piece of 2×4 , but they were starting to cut those things up. Linda Benson was a goofy-footed beast.

When most women of the time were living sickly, tame lives, Linda was killing big waves and tearing concrete car parks.

She ruled women’s surfing for ten years, but who cares about that water baby crap? Since the GoPro didn’t come out for a few years, there are few photos of Linda skating, but it sounds like she ripped. Her signature skateboard looked like, you got it, a surfboard.

Patti Mcgee

Patti Mcgee
source: cooler

In the 1960s, skateboarding was more like figure skating than the dangerous sport it soon became. Kick spins and nose wheelies got you paid and laid without putting you in danger of getting hurt, so skating was an equal-opportunity job.

Patti McGee was the first woman to skate professionally. When she was on the cover of Life Magazine in 1965, it was the skateboard’s big moment. The amazing wooden toy suddenly became popular, and the hula hoop had a rival for the Christmas list.

Life called the new gadget “the most exciting and dangerous way to go joyriding since the hot rod.” Mrs. McGee proved this when she broke the world record for the fastest girl on a skateboard by going 75 km/h (47 mph) on a “death cookie” board from the 1960s. 

Peggy Oki

Peggy Oki
source: withitgirl

Skateboarding changed a lot in the 1970s. Urethane wheels changed the game, and pools and vert replaced flat-ground dancing tricks. Peggy Oki was the only girl in the Z-Boys, one of the most important groups in skateboarding history. 


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Lori Rigsby

Lori Rigsby
source: redbull

She was in the Powell Peralta film Public Domain and had a small part in The Search for Animal Chin, known as the “Godfather of skateboard movies.” Lori Rigsby was a role model for women skateboarders of the eighties, even though she lived in a sexist world.

She could do some amazing tricks on her board. During that time, almost all skaters were men, and there weren’t many women skaters. 

Elissa Steamer

Elissa Steamer
source: myhero

Now that vert is dead and gone; skating took another big step forward in the 1990s. Even small wheels and baggy pants couldn’t stop the growth boom. Elissa Streamer OWNED women’s skateboarding.

She was the first female pro street, skater, Elissa was the first legit female who skate part in Welcome to Hell, was the first female in the THPS video game series, got the first female pro shoe, won four X-Games gold medals, and was the first openly bisexual professional skateboarder. Ed Templeton was the second.


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Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana

Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana
source: mpora

Once you overcome her worthy name, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana is a big deal. During her rule of terror in the 2000s, she won more medals than Usain Bolt at the Special Olympics in street, vert, and bowl races for both men and women. She was the first woman to skate the DC Mega Ramp and the first to land a McTwist. 

Leticia Bufoni

Leticia skateboarder
source: thebridge

Leticia is only two-hat prayers away from being the P-Rod of women’s skateboarding, so, unsurprisingly, she was the first woman who got the support of Nike SB. Leticia Bufoni blew the fuck up when she moved to LA from Brazil when she was 14 to try to make a living skateboarding.

She has a strong style on big rails, stairs, ramps, bowls, and everything else in skating. Leticia is the face of skateboarding now that she has won three gold medals at the X Games. You have to give it to the Brazilians; they are great at killing people and skating.


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Minna Stess

Minna Stess
source: CNN

Minna was the first girl to win the California Amateur Skateboard League series 2013. At the King of the Groms contest in 2014, she was the first girl to win an open event (beginner mini ramp), win a best all-around award, make the finals in three events (street, mini ramp, and bowl), and place in the top five in street skating.

She is so good, it’s unbelievable, and she’s only eight years old. Minna Stess has been on Tony Hawk’s private ramp, Bob Burnquist’s dreamland, and even “Lasek Land,” which Bucky Lasek named with a wince.


Gender doesn’t matter, except girls tend to be lighter than guys, so if you hit a trick wrong, you won’t break the board as often.

There’s no question that girls are taking over skateboarding and longboarding. They won’t stop, no matter how many men are in charge. From smooth longboarding to graceful dancing to hard-core park tricks, female riders deserve more respect and attention for their unique styles and approaches. 


Q: What Percentage Of Skaters Are Female?

Gender. 77.1% of all skaters are men, and 83.4% of core skaters are men. On the other hand, 16.6% of core skaters are women, while 23.9% of all skaters are women.

Q: Is Skateboarding Good For Girls?

Girls learn to be brave by skateboarding. It shows girls that it’s okay to fail but not to give up.

Q: Why Are There So Few Female Skateboarders?

Skateboarding is harder for girls because it’s only for boys and because there are few female role models or stories about girls in the media. 

Q: Is Skateboarding Harder Than Bmx?

Tricks like ollies and kickflips can be hard to learn at first on a skateboard but easier than on a BMX. Tricks on a skateboard require good balance and rhythm, but even the easiest jokes on a BMX bike require much more strength and fitness.

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