Is Skateboarding Hard for Beginners

Skateboarding is a fun sport, but it cannot be easy to get good at it. It depends on how old you are, how fit and brave you are, and where you start.

Many people asked the question, “Is Skateboarding Hard to Learn?” Skateboarding is not hard to learn how to do, but it is hard to learn tricks. Beginners often need to learn tricks before they learn the basics.

Is skateboarding hard? Why?

Some people find it hard to learn to skateboard, especially when just starting. Many things can make it hard, like the need for balance and rhythm, the ability to learn and do tricks, and the need to get strong and have a lot of stamina.

Skateboarding can also be hard on your body, and it may take a lot of practice to get good at it. 

Overall, Skateboarding is hard for different people in different ways, based on how good they are at it already and how much time and effort they are willing to put into it.

How hard is it to learn how to skateboard?

How hard is it to learn how to skateboard?
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Skateboarding is fun, but it can be challenging to get good at it. It depends on how old you are, how fit and brave you are, and where you start.

Skateboarding is not hard to learn how to do, but it is hard to learn tricks. Beginners often need to learn tricks before they learn the basics. It would help if you skated at least twice a week to improve.

Nothing tastes as good as a goal you worked hard to reach. Even if the process is complex, it’s what makes us better. Like skating, we must balance, push, and land tricks.

But at the end of the day, we’ll learn and master these skills. So, the next time you ask, “Why is skateboarding so hard?” tell yourself that it will get easier over time. If you trust the process, it will pay you back.

The journey will be fun and worth it, but it will take work.

How long does it typically take a beginner to learn how to skateboard?

How long does it typically take a beginner to learn how to skateboard?
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It will require about two weeks to learn if you want to push and ride. It takes a couple of months if you’re going to learn the basics of a specific type of skating.

Getting good at any skating will take you a couple of years. On the other hand, real skater keeps growing and becoming better (until their body stops letting them).

1. Guts are important

Skateboarding takes 10% strength, 30% skill, and 60% guts. Talent is the most essential thing in Skateboarding.

2. Strengthening the muscles for Skateboarding

How long it takes you to get the muscles you need to do the tricks depends on how often you work those muscles out. If you know which muscles you need to work on, go to the gym, and practice skating, this will come with time. 

  • At first, you won’t be able to push, pump, or pop very well, but your leg and muscles in your core will get stronger as the weeks and months go by.
  • It takes time to grow the muscle memory you need to move your limbs quickly without thinking about it. Your body goes from consciously thinking, “I need to move my leg like this to pop the board, and my other leg like this along with flicking my foot to flip the board, and then I need to keep looking at the board and timing my landing” to “I’m kickflipping this six-set” as it happens.
  • In many cases, this takes longer than building the muscle itself. For example, it will take you longer to learn how to tré flip than to get the muscles you need to tré. You probably have enough strength in your legs to tré, but you don’t have the muscle memory yet.
  • The hardest part is convincing your brain that flying down a giant ramp, up a set of stairs, or onto a rail is a good idea. Depending on your personality, this may come quickly or take the longest to train your body. Your instinct is to stay alive, so putting yourself in dangerous situations goes against this.

3. Training and balanced practice routine

It all depends on how often you practice and how good you are at staying balanced and not giving up. Also, if you hurt yourself badly, you won’t be able to train, so you won’t be able to play, and it will take you longer to get better overall.

Is it too challenging to learn to skateboard as an adult?

Is it too challenging to learn to skateboard as an adult?
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If you want to skate as an adult, you should do it. You have nothing to lose by trying it. It can be a lot of fun, but practicing and learning to skate as an adult can be challenging.

 However, those problems are minor and tiny compared to how fun Skateboarding can be.

Skateboarding is hard to learn, and as adults, our bodies don’t heal as quickly. The pain lasts longer when we fall than it did when we were kids.

Helmets will help protect your head, and knee and elbow pads will keep you from getting hurt. At first, they might feel weird, and you might think you look stupid, but it’s worse to walk with a limp or not be able to extend your arm fully.

 Make sure you get skateboarding pads and helmets. A hockey or bike helmet is not the same thing as a helmet for Skateboarding. You get what you pay for when it comes to riding gear.

You can learn and practice skateboarding as an adult if you have the right gear, the drive, the guts, and the practice. However, its proper Skateboarding is often said to be the most demanding sport to learn. This is because tricks and stunts are complicated, and you must always keep your balance on the board.

“Skateboarding makes me hate myself.”

"Skateboarding makes me hate myself."
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When you try hard for mastery or at least be good at your fun hobby, skateboarding, and you fail, you feel frustrated and think that you hate yourself because of the inability of not master the skill.

It would help if you forgot how long you’ve been skating and what tricks you can and can’t do. Fun is the most important thing about skating.

It might be hard to avoid making that comparison, especially if some of your friends are learning faster than you are. Again, it would help if you didn’t hate or be mad about that.

If you’re skating for fun, don’t think so much about getting good or being able to “varial heel in about three months.”

Just remember: skating is complex. You cannot be a pro in one night. Give it time and regular tries. One day you will succeed.

In the end

If you stick to the rules, Skateboarding is easy to learn. Even though it’s exciting, you should learn how to ride and keep your balance before you start doing tricks. You’ll be better off in the long run and make much more progress.

Having the right gear makes a huge difference. Skateboarding on a cheap board can be dangerous and annoying. So many new skateboarders give up because they start on a cheap, low-quality board.

Ride with other people, ask for help online and in person, and be bold and do so. Everyone was a beginner at some point, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Q: How many years does it take to learn Skateboarding?

Tricks for beginners can be learned in a year, while higher-level tricks can take one to three years.

Q: I’m 19; how hard would it be to learn to skate?

19 is not even close to being late. You can start skating at any age; it’s all in your head. Just stay safe and stay away from danger. It will take you months to get the hang of it, and you might be unable to do your first ollie for years.

Q: How do I get more robust at Skateboarding?

  • Get warm.
  • Forward lunge and lat reach 10 meters x 2.
  • Ten meters times two.
  • Jumping into a box: 4 sets of 10 jumps.
  • Four 30-second jumps to the side by a skater.

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