Is Kryptonics A Good Skateboard Brand

Is Kryptonics A Good Skateboard Brand?

The Kryptonics line of skateboards is good but could be better. Even though the company has been around for a long time, the skateboards are less substantial than those made by some of the more well-known companies.

So, it would be best to be careful when buying a new board. Make sure to read the reviews on Amazon, as well.

What is the history of Kryptonics wheels?

One of the oldest types of skateboard wheels is Kryptonics. More than 35 years ago, they made wheels for skateboarding. One of the first businesses to make actual urethane wheels was Kryptonics.

People previously thought Kryptonics skateboards were the best on the market. But as time has gone on, their grades have gone down.

1-Starting year

The business started in 1965. It went public in 1984 and later changed the name of its product line to Powell Skateboarding.

2-Best Quality Skateboards Once

When they first came out, they made a wheel that BOUNCED and changed the world. This made them VERY FAST on rougher surfaces and maybe even stickier (for a given hardness) than other wheels, depending on how complex the cover was.

You can buy that type of wheel now as a “Re-Issue” “C-Series” in 55,60,65,70, and 75 mm sizes, and it’s STILL HIGH QUALITY, FAST, AND STICKY! Even by today’s standards of the “Longboard Race,” these are some robust wheels.

3-Poor Quality over time

But this same business chose to “cash in” on THE NAME BRAND, and they now sell Chinese junk at WALMART. DO NOT BUY a “longboard” with plastic trucks from them!! They are like an accident waiting to happen.

I’ve seen wheels from a company that said it made “the best wheels” that were up to 4 mm out of round, which could cause speed wobbles even at walking speeds. They could face a lot of cases because they cut corners on quality and style to make as much money as possible.

As for “vintage” “Kryptonics,” anything they sold from the 1970s to the early 2000s, when it was new, should have been of decent quality. Old things can “fail” because of wear, time, rust, sunshine, and mold. 


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Boarding on a budget

Boarding on a budget Kryptonics
source: pexels

If you like to skateboard on a budget, you’ve probably heard of the famous Kryptonics company for a long time. These guys have done more for the skateboard business than most boarding groups could ever hope to do. Not only did they make it possible for good boards to be cheap, 

They made a significant change to how skateboard wheels are manufactured for good.

Kryptonics skateboards are precisely what they say they are: high-quality boards made by a well-known company that anyone can buy. Kryptonics skateboards and tools are an excellent buy for newbies, advanced skaters, and anyone who wants to board on a budget. 

Is Kryptonics any good for beginners?

Well, yes, Kryptonics longboards are suitable for newbies because they are stable and easy to ride. The wheels on these boards are soft and have a good grip on the ground. It’s great for people who want to cruise down the street or skate around the neighborhood. Also, people just starting with the longboard should wear safety gear.

Longboards made by Kryptonics are suitable for newbies and are easy to ride. They come with black grip tape, which is important because it lasts longer than other grip tapes. Longboards made by Kryptonics come with good wheels and springs.

Also, there are many different styles and forms of Kryptonics longboards. You can also get them in many different colors. Also, because it’s a longboard, it’s great for people just starting. Experienced longboarders need to improve some of their parts.

It puts together its features, style, and manufacturing process in a unique way. It’s easy to see that the longboard is an excellent choice for newbies. Overall, it’s easy to learn and use, which most people who are just starting will always like.

Kryptonics support for many famous skateboarders

Kryptonics support for many famous skateboarders
source: pexels

Many great skateboarders, like Tommy Ryan, Stacy Peralta, Steven Alba, and Tony Alva, have been supported by Kryptonics. With Kryptonics, many of these skateboarders have won races and tournaments.

Kryptonics Skateboard – Why You Should Never Buy Them?

Walmart sells Kryptonics boards that the manufacturers have assembled already. They are made of cheap wood and have plastic trucks, rubber wheels, and crap bearings.

No. Not only are these skateboards bad for learning tricks or riding, but they might be even more dangerous because they break so easily. You have to get a real skateboard if you’re going to buy one.

You’re not getting a good one if you buy a brand-new entire skateboard for $30. You aren’t setting your child up to be good at skateboarding or even like it. People purchase these boards because they are the cheapest, but saving a little money puts your safety at risk.

And the most important thing you’re risking is your chance to fall in love with skateboarding. Any of these “skateboards” is more likely to make you mad than to give you fun.


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The truth is that with today’s diverse market, Kryptonics may be a shadow of what it used to be, but its products are still just as good as ever.

You won’t find their signature C-Series wheels on all of their stock boards at stores like Walmart, but you can still order them if you want them on your board.

Even though they aren’t giving away all their best parts and extras with their $50 Walmart boards, they still need to make the same excellent quality.


Q: How can you tell if a skateboard is good quality?

A good skateboard deck is light, robust, and has “pop.” Pop is the right balance of versatility and firmness that lets the board react to ollies and other moves where the deck must be “popped” off onto the ground.

Q: Where was Kryptonics founded?

Santa Monica.

Q: What not to buy when looking for a skateboard?

Going cheap won’t likely make you happy. Most likely, you won’t be able to ride it. If you need proof, go to The Berrics Extremely Cheap Skates and watch the pros skate on $20 boards. They do well, but if even Nyjah Huston and Curren Caples are having trouble, we will stay away.

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