In Skateboarding, What Is Shredding?

In Skateboarding, What Is Shredding?

Shredding is defined as traveling down the surface of a spot with a skateboard other than the wheels, creating a multi-sensory experience for skaters and spectators (Maier, 2016; McDuie-Ra & Campbell, 2022).

In action sports, “shredding” means riding with a lot of skill, style, speed, or passion. Shredding is more than just skating.

They are trying hard and learning new tricks. Boards could break, wheels could fall off, and bearings could break into a million pieces.

You’re flying strong and at the top of your game. You’re hitting everything, retaining your speed and flow, and anyone who looks at you can see that your eyes and body are filled with a single-minded passion.

It’s entirely in the moment, where the board is an extension of your body, and your body is an extension of the board. You can’t be stopped as you tear the land apart with zeal.

Shredding is a skating trick that requires a lot of skill. It is a challenging move requiring you to turn your board around 360 degrees while in the air. It is thought to be one of the most complicated tricks; usually, only the best skateboarders can do it.

What does shredding mean?

Skateboarders use slang words like “shredding” to discuss how they ride their boards.

To skate is to “shred.”

Most new skaters would only be called shredders once they’ve gotten used to riding a board and made a name for themselves among other skaters.

“Shred Sled” means skateboard.

“Shredder” means good skater.

Grinding in skateboard terms

Grinding in skateboard terms
source: pexels

A grind is a move on a skateboard where the wheels slide along an edge or surface. Skaters can grind on ramps, in pools, and off handrails—basically, anywhere they can balance on a rising surface.


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Types of Grind Tricks for Skateboarding

1. A weak grind

A hard skating trick, a feeble effort mixes a 50/50 and a board slide. More experienced skateboarders often make this move. To do this trick, the skater approaches the rail at an angle and does a board slide.

Then, they ollie with enough air that the front truck goes over the fence. Finally, the back truck is grounded along the rails.

2. The 5-0 frontside grind

A frontside 5-0 grind is a trick in which the skateboarder grinds between the back truck and an object, like a skate ramp or the edge of a swimming pool. The skater approaches the top of the structure from the front, lifting the nose and letting the back trucks grind on it.

The skater must have good balance to make this move because they must change their weight to stay in the frontside grind position.

3. The 5-0 backside grind

The backside 5-0 grind is a trick similar to the frontside 5-0 grind. The skateboarder uses an object to grind between the back truck of the skateboard. For this trick, the skater approaches the top of the building from the back instead of the front.

4. Smith grind in front

A “smith grind” is an advanced skateboarding trick similar to a “weak grind.” It was created by skateboarder Mike Smith and named after him. A skater does this trick by using the back truck of their skateboard to slide along a railing or another high rail and then landing on their rear truck.

5. Smith grind on the back

To do a backside smith grind or BS smith grind, the skater rides up the side of the vertical wall, leading with the back foot, and scratches across the coping with the lip balanced between the wheels of the rear truck.

6. Grinding wrong

Unlike a Smith grind, a curved grind is a grind trick. To do this trick, the skater ollies onto a rail and grinds the front truck at the nose of the board onto the rail with the tail of the board at a 45-degree angle.

The word “crooked” in the name of this trick comes from the way the tail of the board hangs from the fence.

7. 50/50 on the front

Onto an object (like a handrail or bench) and grinds forward on the middle of the deck, with both trucks grinding on the obstacle, before resting their board down again. The “50/50” part represents how the board hangs half on and half of the chosen object.

8. 50/50 on the back

A backside 50/50 is the same as a front-side 50/50. The skateboarder ollies their board over an object while sliding in the middle of the deck.

What are skateboard stunts called?

What are skateboard stunts called?
source: pexels

The list of skateboard tricks can be broken down into basic, flip and shove-it, grind and slide, air, pool, ramp, grab, foot plant, balance, and other old-school and new-school tricks.

Here is the list of them


  • Backside 180 and Backside 360
  • Backside Cabaret
  • The back of a half-cab
  • Ollie Fakie
  • Forward 180
  • Front-to-back 360
  • Frontside Cabarel
  • Half Cab on the Front
  • Kickturn
  • Nollie
  • Backside 180 Nollie
  • Backside Nollie 360
  • Frontside Nollie 180
  • Frontside Nollie 360


  • Oliver North
  • South Ollie
  • Powerslide
  • Turn the other way around
  • Change backside 180
  • Make a 180-degree turn.
  • Change your Frontside 360.
  • Swap out Ollie

freestyle and old-school tricks

freestyle and old-school tricks
source: pexels
  • Acid Drop
  • Ally Oop
  • Backside without bones
  • Backside Wallrides
  • Body Different
  • Boneless
  • Caveman
  • Coffin
  • Daffy
  • Firecracker
  • Flamingo
  • Boneless on the front
  • Wallride Frontside
  • What’s up?
  • Jump Hippie
  • Pogo
  • First Place
  • Come in.
  • Strawberry shake
  • Street Flower
  • Wallie

Moves Equalize 

  • The Manual 
  • Nose Manual
  • One Foot Guide
  • One Wheel on Its Own

How to Footplant

  • Plant Bean 
  •  Egg Plant
  • Plant fast
  • Plant Gymnast
  • Ho-Ho
  • Easy Breath
  • Flip Miller
  • Strong Ollie
  • Poor Plant
  • Sticky Gun
  • Plant in Texas
  • Two-Step in Texas

Tricks with Air, Grab, Bowl, and Ramp

Tricks with Air, Grab, Bowl, and Ramp 
source: pexels
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
  • Walk in the air
  • Drop-In Axle
  • The back axle stall
  • Crooked Stall on the Back
  • Backside Tragedy
  • Backside Weak Horse
  • Hurricane Stall on the Backside
  • Pivot stall on the backside
  • Rock ‘n’ roll on the backside
  • Smith Stall on the Backside
  • The backside tail stout
  • Benihana (Japanese:
  • Sharp Stop 180 Out
  • Pull Back Blunt Stall
  • Sharp Stop to Fakie
  • Jar Body
  • Shot from a cannon
  • Jesus Air
  • Grab Crail
  • A creeper
  • The crossbones
  • Indy Delmar
  • Take two.
  • Stop by
  • Stall Fakie Noseblunt
  • Rock Fakie
  • Stall Fakie Tail
  • Cold Air
  • Air on the front
  • Stall front axle
  • Crooked Stall on the Front
  • Disaster on the front
  • Front-end Weak Stall
  • Stall in front of Hurricane
  • Back of the Nose Pick
  • Frontside Nosebumper Stall
  • Pivot Stall on the Front
  • Rock ‘n’ roll on the front
  • Smith Stall on the Front
  • Sugarcane Stand on the Front
  • Sweeper on the front
  • Front-to-Back-to-Tail Stall
  • Grab Grosman
  • Helicopter Pop
  • Indy
  • Grab Indy
  • Turn around
  • Japan Airlines
  • Air Judo
  • Air Lien
  • The singer Madonna
  • The McTwist
  • Grab Your Sadness
  • The fruit melon
  • Air Method
  • Air Out
  • Nose Pick
  • Nose Picking
  • Nose Block
  • Nasal bone
  • Grab the nukes
  • Riverdance is a dance.
  • Grab a Roastbeef
  • Rock to Fake
  • Air Rocket
  • The Sacktap
  • Flip Sal
  • Saran Film
  • Grab the Seatbelt
  • Sod Off
  • Grab the Stalefish
  • The starfish
  • Hard and stiff
  • Superman Pick Up
  • Head Grab
  • Back of the leg
  • Knee Tuck

Tricks to Grind and Slide 

  • 50/50 Grind 
  • Backside 5-0
  • On the back, 50/50
  • Bluntslide on the back
  • Boardslide on the back
  • Crooked on the back
  • Weak on the Backside
  • Lipslide on the back
  • Slide on the back of the nose
  • Backside Nosegrinder
  • Backside Nosedive
  • Backside Out of Shape
  • Salad on the side
  • Smith’s Backside
  • Suski’s Backside
  • Tailslide on the back
  • Grind Barley
  • Slide Bertlemann
  • Slide downhill
  • Slide down the boards
  • Slide, Casper

No Comply 

  • 360 Flip No
  •  360 Hardflip
  • Nollie 360 Pop-it Shove-it
  • Backside Nollie Bigspin
  • Backside Nollie Heelflip
  • Backside kickflip Nollie
  • Nolie Backside Pop Shove-it
  • Nollie Bigspin Frontside
  • Heelflip Nollie Frontside
  • Nolle Frontside Kickflip
  • Nollie frontside pop shoe-it
  • Nollie Hardflips
  • Heelflip Nollie
  • Nollie Unattainable
  • Heelflip Nollie Inward
  • Kickflip Nollie
  • Laser Nollie Flip
  • Heelflip Nollie Variant


Is Skateboarding A Hobby? – Fact Explained In 2024

How To Keep Your Sanity Through The Use Of Shredding

How To Keep Your Sanity Through The Use Of Shredding
source: pexels

The experience of stress is normal and inescapable in modern life. Stress may harm our emotional and physical well-being, regardless of whether our jobs, personal lives, or connections with others cause it.

 Finding a healthy and pleasurable outlet is essential to maintaining balance and decreasing the harmful impacts of stress. Although there are numerous strategies to handle stress, finding a healthy and fun outlet is necessary.

Shredding, an increasingly popular activity, has been demonstrated to be an efficient method for lowering pressure and improving general health.

1. Exercise in a Physical Form

Skateboarding is an excellent kind of cardiovascular exercise that, when done regularly, may enhance the heart’s health and endurance. In addition to this, it assists in the development of leg strength as well as core and upper body flexibility.

Shredding is a form of physical activity that causes the production of endorphins, which are natural mood enhancers that can help alleviate feelings of worry and tension.

2. Maintaining One’s Concentration

Skateboarding calls for a high degree of attention and focus, both of which can assist in releasing mental clutter and lowering levels of stress.

Shredding requires you to be aware of your surroundings, the terrain, and body posture, which enables you to maintain your presence in the here and now and concentrate on the task at hand. Those who battle with worry or thoughts that are going too fast may find this very beneficial.

the expression of creative ability

Skateboarding is a creative expression that lets you express yourself via movement and flair. If you skateboard, you can express yourself in any way you choose. Skating can be an enjoyable way to express yourself while also relieving tension.

Skating can be a rewarding activity, whether you’re trying out new tricks or working on honing your technique.

Express yourself freely

 Skateboarding provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for physical activity, cerebral concentration, and artistic expression, all of which can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Skateboarding is an activity that requires physical exertion, and this activity triggers the production of endorphins, which are natural mood enhancers that may help increase general well-being. 


In skateboarding, the term “shredding” refers to breaking one’s board by jumping off and landing on it with one’s feet first, which causes the deck to shatter into several smaller pieces.

Shredding causes the deck to be destroyed and puts you at risk of crashing; therefore, use caution if you choose to employ this technique.

FAQs: In Skateboarding, What Is Shredding?

Q: How do skateboarders brake?

First, put your foot on the ground to stop. This is the method most people use.

Q: What is it called when you fall off a skateboard?

When a skateboarder bails, they fall off the board, lose control of the board  When people bail, they can sometimes hurt themselves.

Q: What does it mean to shred in skateboarding?

Using tricks and gymnastics to get past barriers or roadblocks.

Q: Is skateboarding an excellent way to get in shape?

Sports experts have proven that skateboarding is a complete workout. Not only does it work the heart and lungs, but it also builds muscle power.

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