How to wrap a skateboard deck?

How to wrap a skateboard deck?

Skateboards are difficult to wrap because of their enigmatic design and heavyweight. It certainly appears challenging, with an average length of 30 inches plus trucks and wheels protruding out.

This article will help you how to wrap a skateboard quietly in a few simple steps so it doesn’t have to be.

Accessories for wrapping

  • a pair of scissors, a measuring tape, and a cutter
  • Paper and a Pencil
  • Packaging tape in clear
  • Clear Gift-Wrapping Tape
  • a big cardboard box
  • Two pieces of wrapping paper for gifts
  • Ribbon
  • Credit Card

These supplies are inexpensive, simple to obtain, and will simplify the typically difficult chore of wrapping a skateboard! You can find Most of these things easily at home, and you could even choose to recycle some to save even more money. Please don’t wait for another second to start; it’s enjoyable and straightforward.

How to wrap skateboard: step-by-step guide

How to wrap skateboard: step-by-step guide
source: skateboardfirst

Step 1: Obtaining the Optimal Measurements

It is the initial and most crucial step in wrapping. It would help if you took precise dimensions for your skateboard and the box to store it in the first stage. Typically, a box measuring 46 inches by 20 inches by 12 inches accommodated your skateboard’s measurements.

Additionally, once you have calculated the dimensions, add 6 inches to have enough area for packaging supplies like packing foam and bubble wrap. Before you wrap your skateboard, remember that it is best to enclose it for security purposes.

Step 2: Putting Your Gift Box Together

If you already have a box that doesn’t fit your needs, you must cut it to the proper measurements. Additionally, you can have the choice to reduce the box’s corners if you discover that it has less room than you expected.

For convenience, start at the top and work your way down. If you have the choice, though, choose a recycled box. Remove all the taping and remnants from the pack to make your product seem brand-new overall.

Step 3: Putting Your Skateboard Into The Box 

Put your skateboard inside the box, with the flat side of the cardboard facing outward. You now need to think about the components of its edges and wheels.

Ideally, it would help if you were bubble-wrap well so that the advantages and cardboard must protect the skateboard until unpacking.

Step 4: Seal the Box

Start folding the contents of your box right now. You must do each duty one at a time. And once you’ve finished sealing the package. Remember to tape the TV on all four corners.

When tapping your box, try not to be stingy. If not, you risk damaging the entire procedure and having to start again from scratch.

Step 5: Adding Garnish 

Applying the wrapping paper to the box completes the process. Garnishing is the term for this step of packaging. Now, you may customize your package as you like. Use gift cards, ribbons, photographs, and gift tags of your loved ones, and at this point, use your creativity.

How to Christmas Wrap a Skateboard

How to Christmas Wrap a Skateboard
source: thegromlife

It’s time for gifts and surprises to go around beneath the Christmas tree as the jingle bells ring. It’s the ideal approach to wow your loved ones with skills you’ve carefully packaged yourself, showing them how much you care and love you have for them.

You may cover the skateboard in a sheet or build excitement by wrapping it in a box as a gift for your dearest.

It would help to place The skateboard on any wrapping paper to begin the process. Several solutions look fantastic. You’ll need to buy many wrapping sheets to wrap your skateboard correctly.

We hope this has given you further information on how to cover skateboards for Christmas presents.

The Worst Things To Do When Skateboarding

The Worst Things To Do When Skateboarding
source: amazon

Here is a tip to help you wrap your skateboard correctly and prevent common mistakes.

1. Mistakes in Measurement

It would help if your dimensions were accurate while wrapping your skateboard. If you choose the proper size grip tape, measure the width of your skateboard deck from edge to edge.

Additionally, because most grip tape sheets are available in pre-cut lengths, be careful to estimate the size of your skateboard before making a purchase.

2. Not Getting The Board Ready

Preparing the board before beginning the wrapping process is a phase many people overlook, but it should be addressed. Even if your board is brand-new, ensuring the surface is smooth and clear of debris is still crucial. The wrap will fit more comfortably as a result of this. 

3. Too Little or Too Much Grit

Depending on the skating you’ll be performing, there are several grits of skateboard grip tape to consider. 

If you’re a novice, use a medium-grain grip tape since it will provide enough traction to prevent slipping and sliding. Choose high-grit grip tape for greater control and optimum traction if your skill level is higher.

4. Low-cost Grip Tape

You should avoid Cheap grip tape! Choose the highest-quality grip tape you can find to wrap your skateboard. Low-quality grip tape could not have the sturdiness and traction you need to keep your feet planted when skating. Choose a reliable brand with a solid reputation to ensure your grip tape will survive.

5. Unneeded trims

Make cuts while wrapping your skateboard, such as fitting the grip over curved corners. Unnecessary cuts reduce your deck’s strength and longevity and increase its susceptibility to harm. Avoid cutting too closely to the deck’s edges to prevent premature deterioration.

6. Sticker Overload

Although adhesive is a crucial wrapping component, using less might be problematic. Use caution while applying glue since too much of it might make the grip slip about and fail to stay in place. When applying a spray adhesive, uniformly cover the grip tape without soaking it.

7. Failure To Secure The Wrap

Remember to fasten the wrap to the board once you’ve applied it and cut it. Use a trustworthy and powerful adhesive, then spread it evenly across the wrap.

No air bubbles or holes should exist since this will cause the wrap to fall off. You may also use a heat gun to ensure that the wrap sticks correctly.


Skateboards can be challenging to wrap conventionally, and doing so is a dead giveaway to the recipient. Aren’t you happy you figured out a novel, stealthy, and reliable technique to present-wrap your skateboard? We sincerely hope you had pleasure in it as much as we did!


Q: How are graphics added to a skateboard deck?

Skateboard decks have designs that are heat applied after being screen printed on heat transfer paper. This enables the screen-printed ink to adhere firmly to the skateboard deck’s wood fibers. Skateboard decks are manually covered using heat transfers.

Q: Are skateboards lubricated?

The ideal lubricant for skateboard bearings is often white mineral or sewing machine oil. 

Q: Do wraps adhere to wood?

A smooth surface is necessary for a vinyl wrap to adhere well. Rusted metal, untreated wood, and other rough surfaces will make vinyl wraps challenging to stick to.

Q: Can heat warp a skateboard?

Keep heat sources or A radiator away from your board. Skateboards that are constantly heated and cooled warp far more quickly.

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