Can You Use Skateboard Wheels On Roller Skates?

Can You Use Skateboard Wheels On Roller Skates?

You can, but remember that they are only sometimes the best choice. 

Skateboard wheels are shaped like roller skate wheels and have a flat touch area, making them more stable and easy to handle. 

Skateboard wheels, usually made of polyurethane, are also made of a similar material that makes them durable and easy to grip. But there are some essential things to think about before you switch.

 It depends on where the

1. Centerset

If the core space and axle size are the same, you can put skateboard wheels on roller skates. For example, centre-set and off-set wheels don’t often work with roller skates, but side-set wheels always do.

2. Size of the wheels

This has to do with both the diameter and width of the wheels. The diameter of the skateboard wheels should be as close to the diameter of the roller skate wheels as possible.

If the width is a lot smaller or more significant than that, they won’t work. Standard roller skates can fit skateboard wheels at least 55 millimeters in diameter.

1. Width

The wheels should be the same width as each other and the plate. Since skateboard wheels aren’t extensive, you must ensure they’re at least 55 mm. If you can find wheels the same size as roller skate wheels, that’s even better.

2. Size Of The Bearings

Like the size of the wheel, the bearing size of the skateboard wheels you want to put on your roller skates should be as close as possible to the bearing size of your roller skates. The 608 size will be on most roller skates.

Skateboard bearings can only be used on roller skates with the correct size. If you don’t, you can hurt your roller skates.

How should roller skate wheels be?

How should roller skate wheels be?
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Wheel sizes can be between 27mm to 42mm, and wheel heights can be between 47mm and 70mm. More expansive and bigger wheels (60mm to 70mm) are great for grip outside and inside speed. For creative or rhythm skating, you need wheels with a diameter of 57 mm. These wheels are slower, but they are easier to turn.


To Prepare: Pliers Hammer

Change skateboard wheels like Spitfire wheels: Step-by-step instructions

  • Use the tools to take off the wheels.
  • Grab your new skateboard wheels and put them in your roller skates, ensuring they are in the right place. 
  • Just press them in. 
  • Use a hammer to help them if they get stuck.
  • You can tighten the screws with the tools to ensure everything is in place well.
  • Try moving your roller skates on a smooth surface with the new wheels.
  •  Go for a test ride once everything looks good and nothing is loose.


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Advantages and disadvantages Skateboard Wheels On Roller Skates

Advantages and disadvantages skateboard wheels and roller skates
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  • Putting the wheels on a skateboard is easy because they fit right into the frame.
  • The skateboard is faster and easier to drive than roller skates because it is longer.
  • Roller skate wheels wear out more quickly than skateboard wheels.
  • Roller Skaters can control their movements because skateboard wheels have more grip than Rollerblades.
  • Roller skates are less stable than skateboards. The wheels on a skateboard are bigger and stronger than those on a simple bike. It makes it easy for new skaters to do tricks and moves.
  • Concrete and asphalt are better places to skate because they are hard.
  • There are a lot of different colors and sizes of skateboard wheels, so you can make your board look precisely how you want it to.


  • The wheels on skateboards are not for sliding. They don’t have anything. It will be cleaner than when you were on roller skates, at least not for skating fast.
  • There are more chances of accidents and stress. You might lose your balance and fall because of how the skates are made. Your feet and knees will hurt from these wheels.
  • Customized Rollerblades could hurt indoor skates—the wheels on a skateboard need to be made to run on smooth ground.
  • Even though they are more significant than Rollerblade wheels, skateboard wheels are more minor. Because there is less area to grip, this could slow down the car.


To see if skateboard wheels and roller skate wheels are replaceable, you should:

  • Measure the diameter of your roller skate wheels, then get skateboard wheels with the same (or as close as possible) diameter.
  • Measure how much your roller skate wheels weigh and how much your skateboard wheels weigh. The skateboard wheels will fit if they are the same or very close.
  • Try putting the wheels of your skateboard on top of the wheels of your roller skates to see if they are the same size.
  • Take measures of your roller skate wheels without them on your skates.


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source: pexels

1. Size Wheel

Most skateboard wheels are smaller than other wheels. They are usually between 50 and 65 millimeters long, while roller skate wheels are between 55 and 65.

2. Hardness Of The Wheel (Durometer)

Most roller skates have easier wheels. This is because their softness makes them easier to hold on to. In turn, this makes room for turns, bends, and spins. They ensure skaters don’t fall on their faces because they slip or slide.

If you don’t get the right wheel strength, it can change how you skate. Using softer than recommended ones will make you less stable and give you less grip. They will also wear out faster.

3. Weight Of Wheel

Most skateboard wheels are also lighter when they are smaller. They weigh between 200 and 400 grams, while roller skate wheels weigh 530 grams or more.

This can affect how easy the setup is to use and how well it works, such as how well it can be moved. Tricks and stunts are often easier to do with lighter ones.

4. Type Of Bearing

Most skateboard bearings are set in the middle of the wheel, while most roller skate bearings are on the side.

1. Center-Set Bearings: 

A skateboard’s bearings are in the middle and fit into two rings around the wheels.

2. Side-Set Bearings:

Roller skate wheels have bearings on the sides. There are holes on each side of the wheels where the paths can go.

Which wheels from a skateboard will fit my roller skates?

Which wheels from a skateboard will fit my roller skates?
source: pexels

Here are some skateboard wheels that can be used with roller skate trucks: (It will get longer over time.)

  • Mini Logo 58 mm A-cut (for Sure-Grip trucks)
  • Standard 58 mm x 34 mm wheels (Sure Grip Probe, Powerdyne Thrust).
  • 56mm Orbs Apparition Splits (with one washer on each tire for Roll Line and without washers for Sure Grip DA45 Invaders*).

* The Sure-Grip axles are short, so the Nyloc on the nuts doesn’t catch. But you’d have the same problem with Luminous or similar axles. We can fix it by using Astro, Zero, or other nylon nuts or spacers, turning the nuts down, and checking often.

Longboard wheels & skateboard

You may modify a conventional skateboard by adding longboard wheels, but this has drawbacks. Riding might feel unpleasant since the pieces sometimes need to fit together correctly (in the first scenario).

You should raise your trucks, check their tightness, and ensure the bushings aren’t too loose to prevent wheel bite.


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Now you know the complete answer to the question, “Can skateboard wheels be used on roller skates?” Skateboard wheels can be put on roller skates because they have the same axle and are the can space out the same way.

But you have to ensure that the wheels’ circumference and width are the same. The size of the bearings must also match.

Since skateboard wheels are made for skateboards and roller skate wheels are made for roller skates, it’s best to use them how they were made. It’s not worth the extra work and possible problems to be able to use them equally.

Questions that people often ask

Q: What Do The Letters 92a Stand For?

A lighter wheel, like a 92A or 94A, will roll over rougher terrain more smoothly, have more touch with the ground, and grip better. They become flat when pressure is put on soft wheels, so even a tiny hit won’t hurt them. But they also move more slowly.

Q: Can I Put Wheels From Rollerblades On A Skateboard?

You can if they work well together. But rollerblade wheels are very different from roller skate wheels, so it might not work out.

Q:Can You Put Any Wheels On A Skateboard?

No, you cannot put cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard. The bearings on skateboard wheels are made to only turn in one direction, but the bearings on cruiser wheels can turn in both ways.

Q:Can You Use Skateboard Wheels On Quad Roller Skates?

Skateboard (and longboard) wheels with sideset cores may be used on quads. 

Q: Are Skateboard Wheels And Roller Skate Wheels The Same?

No. Even though they are similar in some ways, roller skating wheels and skateboard wheels are not the same. There are many changes, like the wheel size, its hardness, and what kind of bearings it has.

Q: Are There Skateboard Wheels That Are Good For Doing Tricks And Skating On The Street?

The width of street wheels is between 50 and 54 mm, with a durometer grade of 99A or higher.People use these wheels for skilled skating and tricks on the street. The skater can move around more quickly because the wheels are small, and they can easily do flip tricks.

Q: Can I Put The Trucks From A Skateboard On Roller Skates?

You can put the trucks on roller skates if they are appropriate. But you might have to change how you skate and get used to them again to enjoy the experience.

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