Can You Skateboard In Seoul?

Can You Skateboard In Seoul?

Yes, of course. You can skateboard in Seoul. This city is a city of living hearts. The young generation here is wild about skateboarding. The scene for skateboarding in Seoul is like it is now; it is like a small environment with much room to grow. This city has everything it needs.

Evolution Of Skateboarding In South Korea

  • Even though the skate scene in South Korea is small, it has been overgrowing. After all, it’s been just six years since the first time a Korean skater qualified for a professional world event. In the middle of the 1990s, there were almost no skateparks. Now, the building company ESP Korea has built more than 75 skateparks.
  • As skateboarding grew in popularity in the late 2000s, so did American names like Thrasher and Supreme (and their fakes). K-pop stars started appearing with skateboards, which made a lot of new people want to try it. But fashion designer Kim Youngjoon sees this style as a sign of Korea’s street culture.
  • While the Korean skateboarding team appeared as an Olympic sport in 2020, Korea didn’t have a national team because they needed the right places to learn. In January 2022, Korea’s first skateboarding team’s official members were selected at a Chuncheon competition. Team Korea consists of six young skateboarders who are all under the age of 16.

The Skate Scene In South Korea

The Skate Scene In South Korea
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Seoul is the only place you’ve ever been to where there are just as many skate places as skaters. There are thousands of exemplary marble steps in Seoul, only thirty-five miles from the DMZ. Only some contaminants in the air and the city’s famous dust get in the way.

 Even though being so close to the North can seem scary, South Korean skaters have lived with the danger of war for years, even though tensions between the two countries have improved significantly in recent months. 

 Korean skaters believe crossing the northern border is unsafe, but they further say this is where they grew up. Skaters care a lot concerning what’s happening in their homelands. 

On roads and sidewalks, skateboarding is not against the law.

But there are a lot of people living in Korea. Because of all the cars, many roads are not suitable for skateboarding. Cars can quickly stop you from skateboarding on public roads and even endanger your life.


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Skateboarding As A Stress Reliever

Skateboarding As A Stress Reliever
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Many young Koreans who don’t like their society are now trying to find ways to leave it. One option is to get an employment permit and shift for a short time to Japan or Australia. The other one is skateboarding. And it’s a bright way out

Skateboarding is, of course, about a lot more than just riding a skateboard. The action and way of life that go along with it are a balance to the country’s strict social, political, and cultural background.

Hurdles That Are Skateboarding Faces In Seoul

 Seoul has the places, the gear, and the media, but many obstacles stop young people from reaching their full potential.

Kids aren’t interested in skating as a job because of things like

  •  school pressure
  • social standards
  •  and the fact that the skateboard market has yet to grow fully. 

People are facing Fear of War and hunger which affect them a lot.


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Top Skate Parks In Seoul

Top Skate Parks In Seoul
source: Pexels
  • Han river icon skate park
  •  Seoul Forest Skate Park
  • Nanji skate park
  • Salgot-i skate park
  • Yong-in Joock-jeon skate park
  • Ansan lake skate park
  • Dong-tan skate park

Yeouinaru, Hangang Park, Seoul

 There are so many great places to skate in Seoul that choosing one is tricky. This place is ideal for a chill practice with no specific goal, like shooting.

The leading site in Yeouinaru is unique because it is predominantly wet, and skaters can only skate in the winter. The best thing about it is that it is right by the river.

Skateboarding Is A Growing Business In Korea

Skateboarding Is A Growing Business In Korea
source: Pexels
  • South Koreans are getting more and more interested in skateboarding. From a business point of view, this sport can be significant to the growth of South Korea’s economy as a whole. People say that by 2028, the skateboarding product market will have increased by a lot.
  • The use of skateboards among the younger generation is considered less petrol consumption. Because when a large number of school and college goers use skateboards to reach educational institutions, it will save fuel which will benefit the government.
  • When the number of skateboarders increases, there will inevitably be more parks for them. So when gardens are built for them, the construction industry will get many benefits.


We all know that skateboarding in Seoul is facing hardships, but The skateboarding scene is doing great right now. Some brands also put in a lot of work to improve the scene.

We are sure it will get going as soon as possible. Until then, the magazines will continue building links between countries and help the scene by giving local riders new ways to get involved.


Q: Skateboarding Is An Activity Performed By How Many People?

In 2020, 8.87 million people in the United States skateboarded. This was the most people ever who skateboarded. With a CAGR of 3.10 percent, the global skateboard market is expected to hit $2.53 billion by 2027.

Q: Which Are The Two Most Terrifying Parks In Korea?

We found that the two most scary parks are in Incheon and Cheonan.

Q: Do Girls Skateboard In Seoul?

Yes, of course, many girls are skateboarding in Seoul.

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