Can You Put Clear Skateboard Grip Tape On Your License Plate?

Can You Put Clear Skateboard Grip Tape On Your License Plate?

In several places, attempting to deflect cameras from reading your license plate might result in a citation. Sprays, tape, and tag coverings are all examples of this. Essentially, you’re breaching the law.

Number License plates must be clear and easy to see, or else what’s the point? Your license plate should be crystal clear. Putting it on things like skateboard grip tape can blur vision, and one can’t identify the number. In that case, the purpose of the license plate will be ended.

Importance Of The License Plate

A vehicle receives a set of license plates primarily to provide a distinctive identification that can be identified whenever necessary.

License plates are a very important part of a vehicle. It is like an id card. License plates work as labels. They cooperate with traffic rules and support the authorities in keeping road safety.

Clear Skateboard Grip Tape

Skateboarders apply clear skateboard tape, a rough substance, to their skateboards for more grip and stability. So the rider can easily grip his feet on the board and avoid slipping and falling off.

It consists of silicone and can withstand pressure. The clear tape is strong and can face wear and tear of any kind and bear all weather types. Several companies provide clear grip tape, so check whether your chosen one produces high-quality goods.


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Does Clear Skateboard Grip Tape Work?

Does Clear Skateboard Grip Tape Work?
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Yes, it can be beneficial to use clear grip skateboarding tape.

  • Clear skateboard tape has a strong adhesive, making it hard for thieves to remove and steal the number plate.
  • This tape is extremely difficult to remove, making it impossible for someone to tamper with or change the number plate.
  • Clear skateboard grip tape keeps the board looking clear. This change helps you see the license plate clearly in any bad weather conditions.
  • Exposure to the open in every type of weather or road causes license plates to easily become dirty and smudged.
  • The grip tape is usually available in many colors, designs and shapes that the vehicle owner can design his number plate in his own way.

Important Considerations To Ponder About The Law

  • You should check the area traffic law about that; if this is not allowed, you should avoid putting clear skateboard tape on the number plate. Otherwise, you can be fined.
  • Some areas have strict rules about the visibility of license plates. If the grip tape reflects the light, it is against the law.
  • When the owner wants to customize his number plate. He covers it with grip tape to style it uniquely. But he should always check the customization style before deciding whether it covers the essential area for identification.
  • The text the owner prints or writes on the customized number plate should be appropriate; otherwise, it will be considered against the law.


Putting clear skateboard grip tape on your license plates is very cool; you feel it is unique. But the fact is that it is never suggested because it can reflect light, so it can’t have a clear vision for cops or cameras.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How Do Speed Cameras Stop Reading Number Plates?

Speed cameras can’t read number plates by coating your license plates with infrared-blocking material.

Q: Can You Tape The Front License Plate?

Yes. Although 3M VHB tape clings obscenely well, it can be peeled off simply if necessary.

Q: Does Rubbing Bananas On License Plates Work?

No. People on tik tok claim that potassium reacts with aluminum, and this reaction fails the camera to detect, but this is a lie. There is no proof of anything like that.

Q: Is It Illegal To Have A Clear License Plate Cover?

The answer is no, whether you choose a clear or tinted cover.

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